[Fitness Advice] - If You Are Not Learning Anything You Are Not Progressing


Your fitness journey should be about development of self and I feel that if you are in a gym where you are not learning new techniques or learning more about yourself then you are more than likely in the wrong place.

Coaches who actively "coach" do this with a natural passion to support and guide people to unlock their true potential.

This is done with patience and diligence and I know from experience that it takes a mindset shift to want to seek progression in life.

Nothing comes easy.

There are too many people seeking perfection rather than progression and this is due to an industry full of hype.

Health is not an event.

Health is life itself and should just be part of what you do every day.


The key to success in your gym is feeling safe and knowing you can be yourself and there is no doubt that those you surround yourself with the most make the biggest difference.

We learn from each other, we support each other and that is how we improve.

Surround yourself with excellence.


The more we focus on our self worth the more we realise that what we do to improve ourselves directly effects those around us for the better.

Your best version will always inspire others to be better too.


Knowledge, insight and learning are my favourite aspects to life and when you add in adventure, creativity and imagination I feel life is pretty good however if you are not healthy these opportunities do not present themselves as easily.

So if you are not currently at your best have a think about finding a coach, find that team, find that place that works for you and start.

~ Sebastian


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