The 6th Tuesday Christian Curation Night Show With @Seyiodus - 2 - 4 PM EST, 7-9 PM GMT/UTC


Hello friends, it Tuesday today and it's yet again for another Christian Curation Night Show (TCCNS). This will be the sixth show and that I am expecting a lot of happening than the last one we did. It absolutely was attention-grabbing and educating from the Word of God and I hope today will be another special show. We are moving on gradually.

So are you a Christian author and desires some upvotes and possible resteem for your post, otherwise you wish additional exposures to your blog? this is often the right show for you to attend. You'll meet different Christian authors and acquire to understand more regarding them and their blogs.

The show is sponsored by flaminghelpers. A Christian community that's serving to help out Christian authors for support and additional visibility to their blog. Thanks to @stevenmosoes who founded the community and you can join us on Flaminghelpers' discord server where the show will be taken place tonight and where you'll further learn more regarding flamingbot which is a vote bot for flaminghelpers.
If your post is well writing and pleasing to the admins, you can get yourself an additional upvote from flamingbot.

flaminghelpers curation.png

This show is for christian authors to show case their posts and for them to also promote themselves. There'll be four minutes for each author to speak about their posts and five minutes for group discussions on each posts.
When you're on the server and you are unsure of what to try and do, you can call on the show's moderator @magdnrobinson to direct you on what to do. He will be there particularly for you.

Don't forget the time: 2:00 PM EST or 7:00 PM GMT/UTC. we are going to be on the flamingbot discord server preparing for the first show.
Don't miss the possibility to get additional votes and resteem for your post and also feedbacks about your article.

See you soon and remain blessed.
(The link to the server: or you can click on the banner)

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