FLOGMALL is an innovative platform with the help of which you can buy and sell goods and services for crypto currency! Thanks to FLOGmall, anyone can easily buy, like him goods through this site, for any crypto currency. Just imagine, you can travel, rent an apartment, rent a car and many more things, all without the participation of fiat money. The format of the unique FLOGmall unique platform will allow the buyer to see the seller even on the other end of the planet. Buy and sell goods you like, bypassing the commissions of payment systems and banks.What are the capabilities of FLOGmail:

  1. Creating a presentation in a video format with a story about the features of the business. This approach increases the trust of customers and increases the number of orders.
    2.Ability to contact buyers and talk about what is being offered.
    3.Shooting ads in video format, which allows you to describe in detail the pros and features of the product (service).
  2. Creating a video blog with posting news about important events, discounts and promotions. Potential customers will be able to follow the novelties and order the goods that interest them.
    5.Sales and auction bidding online. This way of trading is gaining momentum, because consumers feel themselves to be real participants in the events.
  3. Increase the visibility through video advertising. To promote the service or brand, the best solution is to promote through the video, which is seen by millions of people. All the videos that are uploaded to the FLOGmall platform are marked with a special watermark. Stealing or changing such a video is more difficult.

Capabilities Presentation of the store in video format. The ability of a buyer to see how your store looks, how employees work in the office, or how the process goes on production, significantly increases the buyer's confidence in the company that offers the product or service. To do this, simply record a video, or perhaps make a live broadcast. This is especially cool when in real time the buyer watches as the workflow passes.
A video greeting from the business owner to his potential buyers. This is an excellent opportunity to immediately position the audience to yourself, thereby increasing the chances of selling your product among a billion users.
Separate video dedicated to each of the goods. After all, it's no secret that about 60% of all purchases are made after watching the video (video review, advertising, etc.). This will allow you to present your product in all its glory and to distinguish it qualitatively among analogues.
Own video blog, where you can cover all the most interesting events from the life of the company, or congratulate your fans on the holidays and significant achievements. This will convert your customers into fans, and loyal customers.
Live broadcasts during which you can do immediately sales, such as auctions, sales, etc. In recent years, many stores are beginning to use video sales and this format will gain more and more turns in the future.
Advertising by means of video. There will be an opportunity within the platform itself to promote the services of your online store through video advertising. And the downloaded video will cost the logo (watermark) of the seller, which allows you to reduce the risk that your content will re-run.


Today, virtual coins do not have a clear status from a legal point of view, so the conduct of commercial activities using coins for such sites is excluded. In addition, they will not be able to change the crypto currency for fiat money. Even if in the future the legal status of popular coins Bitcoin, Lightcoin and others will be determined, there remains a lot of virtual coins that will not be used by anyone. Here, and useful FLOGmall.
In addition, the governments of large countries plan to issue a crypto currency, which will be controlled by the legislation. Such attempts are already being made by the Russian Federation and China. But again, such changes are only in the plans, and when they are implemented so far a big question.
It is interesting that, as of February 2018, only Japan recognized the Crypto currency as legal means, and in other countries this issue is in limbo. According to statistics, one third of countries use virtual coins, and in other cases such money is prohibited. The delay in the promotion of the crypto currency lies in the political sector, which makes it difficult to popularize crypto currency and use its capabilities in the future.
The task of FLOGmall is to push the promotion of virtual coins, making them more in demand in different parts of the world.

What will FLOGmall earn?

As noted above, the FLOGmall platform is free for all categories of customers. But this does not mean that the project will not make a profit. There are many options available to professional and private implementers, as well as their customers.
So, professional sellers will pay every month for advertising their field of activity and promotion to the top positions. For private traders, there are paid services for the number of placed ads and the possibility of their raising in the TOP. Buyers will pay for the security of operations.
The Mallcoin internal token will be used as a means of payment. The amount of payment will depend on a number of factors the market value of virtual coins on the exchange market and current market conditions. In the case of a rapid increase in coin prices, services on the site become cheaper. Even with a negative scenario, the total revenue of the project for the year will be more than 50 million. In this situation, the reverse sale of virtual coins to users of FLOGmall will be equal to 16 months (when selling coins for 30 million). With a positive forecast, annual profit will exceed the 150 million mark.
For early ICO participants, there is only one risk: a slow increase in the number of sellers and users, which will slow the token exchange process. But it is leveled, thanks to the withdrawal of coins to the stock exchange

Road map.
1 In January, the end of the preliminary sale of ICO and the creation of the main functionality for the site.
2 In February the activation of the first version, the opening of registration, the attraction of outlets, the launch and verification of smart contracts, the organization of pre-ICO.
3 In March the launch of the beta version of the platform, the sale of coins.
4 In April the organization of lotteries and drawings.
5 In May the official launch of work, the launch of ATES, the increase in the number of implementers and customers, the first sales, the improvement of infrastructure.
6 In June the exit of domestic coins to the stock exchange, the development of applications for mobile phones, the start of exchange of applications.
7 In July and August an increase in the geography of activities, improvement of functionality.
8 In September the emergence of a system of bonuses for new tools.
9 In the remaining months promotion of the site in various countries of the world.

Whitepaper: https://flogmall.com/ru/wp
Website: https://flogmall.com
Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2790913.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flogmallico
Twitter: https://twitter.com/flogmall
Telegram: https://t.me/flogmallen

Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=41370 

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