Vegetarian Chili with 2 Cheeses & Sweet Honey Corn Muffins- Gluten Free!

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This is a Delicious Gluten Free Hearty Winter Sandwich!

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The cold weather is here and it's the perfect time to create a nice bowl of chili! Since I did that yesterday, today I am going to make a nice Chili and cornbread sandwich with added White Cheddar and Monterey Jack on top! This chili really tastes like the one with hamburger. The grounds look just like it but are packed with natural vitamins and minerals! All Gluten Free too!

I used my chili I made yesterday and then cooked up some gluten free cornbread muffins yesterday and added some white & yellow cheddar cheese on top! Delicious Veggie Chili with added Cheese & in between a Gluten free Honey Corn Muffin!

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I melted the cheese here for 15 seconds in the microwave and were all done and melted nicely.

The first one to ask me for the recipe for the chili gets it!

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