The guiltiest of guilty Dutch pleasures!

Moahhhhhhhh, I finally gave in to my temptation of eating something radically greasy, but a totally Dutch cultural approved item :)) You see, you only miss something when it is not there. And now it was there!


A broodje Kroket and Fries with joppiesauce!

As said earlier in the week in this post about the funfair here in Lucerne, there is a stand which is selling Dutch snacks. And yeah, I realise I was in Holland like two weeks ago, but I didn't go for these kinds of snacks in that trips and I was nostalgicly craving for it :)

Broodje Kroket is a sandwich with very shady undefinable left over meat (mixture of pork, horse, beef) and then fried, and joppiesauce is like a mayonaise mixed with piccalilly and onion in it. To me it is heaven, others will shiver by the idea of this already :)

And yeah, also the getting active part for getting the body ready for winter season will totally approve of this, because a happy person is a more motivated person

Or is this what I want myself to believe? ;))

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