Save for onion leaves and onion caps for one year!

Many winter vegetables such as tomatoes, louis or cauliflower are now available throughout the year. But yes, there are still some vegetables, those that can be found only in winter. One such food is onion leaves. Everyday vegetables or noodles, on the same page add a little onion leaves as if there is a new taste.

For a short time the onion leaves and caulks in the market to match. The end of the season disappeared! Today, know how to preserve the food. It is very easy to keep this way till the winter till you can easily save your onion leaves and onion koli. Washing or cleaning will not be a problem, it will only be used when needed.

Which needs to be
Onion leaves
Onion Cauliflower
Clear plastic bottle

Do that
-Out wash leaves and cols are very good to wash. Vinegar is good to mix with mixed water. If there is no other disease in the germs
-Make dry on the kitchen towel and dry it.
If you want to chop then cut it.
-Put it on the onion leaf and the plastic bottles of the plastic.
-Deep refrigerated by keeping the bottle mouth locked.

Well, finish your job. Then whenever you want to, you can take it out of the refrigerator and give it directly in the food. Ganga-garlic leaves can also be stored in the same way.

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