Social networks are very densely included in our lives, on the planet at the moment about 3 billion people who are registered in social networks, and their number is constantly increasing at a rapid pace. The most popular social networks that have firmly entered our lives, changing the world, are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vkontakte, Telegram. Social networks are a very large business of the 21st century, for example, Facebook's capitalization is more than 500 billion dollars, which is even greater than the capitalization of Gazprom.
They have entered our lives so much that they are already reflecting all social changes - economics, culture, politics and other areas, more and more delving into the virtual world of the world wide web.

Thanks to the spread of social networks, you can find out the news even faster than the news programs.
It is thanks to the development of social networks that led to the coverage of events from the scene, it is now possible to immediately find out what happened from the top officials involved in the news, and sometimes the moments themselves are captured, and it’s just impossible to hide the truth.

People are so accustomed to social networks that they can be used to determine what this or that person is. It is very easy to find a photo of any person, find out what he is doing, what is interested in life, where he works, who surrounds him, his material status, what he ponders and talks with friends, some of the information is publicly available, some only from social network owners.

Thus, it becomes very easy to make a portrait of a person, especially when there is access to correspondence.
However, not everything is so perfect, social networks are not inextricably linked with the problems of security, censorship, fake news, hacking, leakage of confidential information. Scandals about the leakage of information from social networks have become commonplace, because of which the confidence of citizens to these platforms has shaken.
For marketing companies, the personal information of users is very relevant, in order to obtain maximum advertising effectiveness, as well as for special services. And when there is a demand for confidential data, demand creates supply.


Thus, it is not the content that plays the key role, but the advertiser who collects the user database.
But it is worth noting that there are platforms that share profits with content creators - this is how YouTubé, Bloggers, Steem, golos.io, on which user traffic is appreciated, but unfortunately, this does not happen in all social networks. Due to the fact that platforms share profits with users, they are becoming more and more popular.

The Foresting platform is designed to realize the value of creating content. Foresting Network is designed to provide rewards for content creation and revenue sharing for users.
FORESTING is designed to create content, with users evaluating the content. The platform supports the following areas: text, images, video, audio, live broadcast, social network.
FORESTING will create a content-oriented platform that generates revenue for direct content.

The center of the platform is to maintain content rewards.
Foresting social network, on the blockchain technology, offers the distribution of profits among users who create content that contribute to the development and popularization of the platform, being users.
FORESTING Bank is a digital bank for users and curators.
FORESTING Lab helps to lead the marketing direction in the promotion of the platform.

The platform motivates to create high-quality content that will make it popular and fast-growing among users. The improved concept of social networking FORESTING sharing profits with content creators, in my opinion, will become very popular.
Token name: PTON, 24 billion tokens released, Cost 1ETH = 33.333 PTON


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