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this post will not be about global problems, about love, and about other things. this post I will dedicate to false friends.
it all began a long time ago, I then had a good job, money, car, friends, which as it turned out not so soon friends. at one point I decided to change something in my life and this was my worst decision. I decided to change jobs and open my own business. as of course for this it was necessary start-up capital. I borrowed money and started to work. at first everything was working well, I was practically worn out. but one day everything collapsed. I lost all my savings, my car. and .... as you have already understood friends, I also lost. when in my life the storm began all those people who were with me when everything was good just evaporated, and in the back they said that I was a loser that I was all that I could not and can not do anything. it really overwhelmed me. but I did not start drinking and especially getting addicted to drugs, on the contrary I began to look for ways out of the situation. one day I met my former best friend who told me: "Why should I communicate with you or support you in any way? If you are nobody?" from that moment on I realized that I will show who I really am. and now when I have everything started to improve, they begin to look for ways to return to my social circle. but I do not intend to talk to them. What do you say I'm doing the right thing?

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