I'm A Steem Billionaire! - My Story

I can't believe it, I'm a freaking overnight billionaire! How did this happen?

Well, like everyone else invested in Steem, I went to bed pretty down last night. Since Steemfest Steem had lost about half of its value and was sitting at $0.38 as I went to bed.

This morning I felt a bit cheerier about life, and so I should have been! It turns out I'm a Steem Billionaire! That's right folks, I'm not just a whale, I'm some kind of giant megladon of a whale!

The overnight Steem price has gone from $0.38 to over $128 million dollars!

$128,649,728.12 to be precise.



As you can see from my estimated account value, that price means my 2320.394 Steem is worth a whopping $290,518,057,245.35

In words that is; two hundred and ninety billion, five hundred and eighteen million, fifty seven thousand, two hundred and forty five dollars and thirty five cents!

Time To Buy An Airline

I always fancied myself an airline owner, so I think I'll buy a fleet of aircraft tomorrow, right after my interview with Forbes.

Oh and I need to ring up the Buggati garage, I want a Veyron done out in @cryptogee colours.

Hmmm, maybe I'll buy Google, or Amazon, or both . . .

Rich List

I believe that puts me as the richest man in the world, more than twice that pauper Jeff Bezos ($122 billion), and I'll never be as skint as that hobo Bill Gates ($90 billion).

How do people get by on just millions of dollars?

I just can't relate.

Oh wait, hang on . . .with that Steem price . . .

I think @ned is actually the richest man on earth... let me check


Ah yes, you see, his million plus Steem means he has more money than has ever been in existence, and is now a multitrillionaire at comfortably over $224 trillion dollars. Around a thousand times my current net worth.


He literally (and I do mean literally), owns the world now, seeing as there isn't enough money in all the banks in all the countries in the world to pay him. That must mean we all owe him money.


Man, I was just getting used to being a billionaire, and @ned has to go showing off with his trillions of dollars.

Anyway, off I go to Bittrex to dump a bit of Steem before anyone else catches on and crashes the price back down to $0.40.

LOL! Yeah right, like that's ever going to happen again!

. . .

Oh wait . . . hang on . . .


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