Adopting a greener lifestyle does not mean that we have to reduce energy production and consumption, but that means that we need to change the way we produce energy. At present, there isn’t enough encouragement towards green energy to make the ball roll as fast as needed to bring positive change. Most of this is due to the way the energy industry has traditionally operated, which is more like an elite club, not an important component of modern society.

Future Energy will provide its own electricity at very low rates for the construction of the current unit. Immediately after the ICO, 47% of the funds collected will be used for the construction of power plants and 45% will be used to purchase mining equipment and construction of mining modules.

Future Energy will optimize operational costs for cryptocurrency mining through the use of non-traditional renewable resources with operational components. Future Energy provides efficient, economical, clean and independent energy supply solutions for our mining modules. At present, of our 49 patented developments in the field of renewable energy sources and atomic energy sources for peaceful purposes, most of which have been actualized.

Future Energy will redesign operational costs for computerized cash mining using sources of practical non-custom impacts with operational components 0. We provide essential supply plans that are beneficial, lightweight, flawless and independent for our mining modules. From now on, 49 of our enhancements have been approved in the field of practical resources and hot spots of impatience of the atom for quiet purposes, a large part of which has been solved.

Future Energy will change the cost of work for computerized cash mining through the use of non-standard spring sources from unlimited electricity impacts with operational parts

The Future Energy project has produced electricity itself and is not dependent on the central electricity network. An environmentally friendly way to get an energy. Developments in the field of electricity generation have solved a number of problems around us.

Benefits of using FGY Tokens

The buyer has the right to ownership in an unlimited deadline.
Token holders can exchange tokens to rent electricity for a period of 40 years with operating components 0. And at the same time, rent for 40 years, 1 W / h will be 1 FGY token.
Payment for 1FGY = 1000W/month colocation mining installations.
Token can be used as a payment instrument for the development of electricity supply technology in alternative energy sources in certain climatic and geographical conditions at the request of the customer.
Payment with a license to buy FGY tokens for the use of our patent.
The token can be utilized as a portion instrument for the transmutation of intensity supply development in elective essentialness sources in certain climatic and land conditions in accordance with the customer.
The portion with a sanction to purchase FGY tokens for the utilization of our patent.

Token info

Token: FGY
Platform: Ethereum

Token price: 1 FGY = 1 USD
Minimum purchase: 1 FGY
Currencies: BTC, ETH

Tokens for sale: 35.000.000 FGY
Goal of funding (Soft cap): 3.500.000 USD
Goal of funding (Hard cap): 35.000.000 USD


The project team consists of highly qualified specialists including a group of scientists and world-renowned professors with academic degrees. Each team member has made great progress in his field. The Future Energy project consists of the best specialists from various industries including Blockchain, science, construction, business, construction, IT, law, electrical installation specialists, commissioning and equipment maintenance.

Website: https://icoenergy.org/
Whitepaper: https://icoenergy.org/docs/WP_eng.pdf
Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5047602.0
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5035072.0?utm_source=btct
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Future___energy
Facebook: https://facebook.com/FutureEnergyeng/
Telegram: https://t.me/futureenergygo


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