Is it possible for FuzeX to re-establish the trust in collapsed payment system of cryptocurrency?

The quick and convenient purchase of a drink through the cryptocurrency system still poses a problem for many people. So there’s the FuzeX company with a brand-new technology, which could significantly simplify the day-to-day shopping for cryptocurrency users – and everything can be carried out without giving a pain in the neck of sellers.

The mentioned project represented the special electronic card that allows keeping about fifteen crypto accounts, ten bank cards and five other accounts in one and the same place. Built-in buttons enable customers to choose the necessary account to make payment for goods or services. Each account has its own electronic paper, where the user can see the balance and ascertain whether the necessary sum of money is enough to make a buy. The battery of the electronic card can perform up to 60 days without charge.

Despite the basic technology as NFC (near field communication), it’s still possible to carry out remote payments through outdated bank card readers. In addition, there are additional security functions, which make these cards unique compared to the usual ones. For instance, electronic card can be activated or deactivated through Bluetooth or the card can be locked remotely in case of loss or theft. The wallet can be used both on iOS and Android via a special app. It’s also available to see the movement of account on a special digital map, including the function of sending, receipt and exchange of cryptocurrencies.

“A well-tried conceptual idea”

FuzeX passed all the verification steps, which subsequently led to the release of the well-developed product on the market. The company states that it was sold out and distributed about 20,000 electronic cards, and it’s just a beginning. Previously, FuzeX gave its clients an opportunity to make payments through any type of bank cards, but now the company offers more options, which resulted in great success, top position, and large profits.

The FuzeX company believes that its brand-new technology and conceptual idea make the project competitive enough for other companies, which are attempting to top its product. In comparison to other rival’s concepts, FuzeX is the only one, who represented the electronic card with the options mentioned above. Another advantageous feature of FuzeX is a possibility to receive payments debited directly from the account.

The founders of FuzeX refer to their projects as a competent and reliable platform. As evidence, TenX, the competitor, which also offered the e-cards, had a breakdown in operation, when their cards stopped working because of violating the policy of Visa Wavecrest, who acted as its issuer.

Crypto exchanges

FuzeX has already agreed on its initial coin offering. At the present time, the FXT tokens can be applied to cover FuzeX’s expenses and make payment for “moderate annual membership fee” caused by its partner relations with issuers. Despite the possibility to pay for it through the other cryptocurrencies and fiat, there are special adjustments for FXT token holders.

Now, FXT tokens are included in four cryptocurrency exchanges. As of May 10, they are available on the Taiwan-based Cobinhood exchange, where special campaigns are conducting to declare the appearance of FXT. It was also included in HitBTC, COSS, and Livecoin.

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