Rating of the best casinos

Despite the bonuses, it is necessary to track the ranking of the best online casinos. If you do not do this, you can get on the bait of scammers. Only firms that have been working in the market for a long time and offer consistently high-quality services will not be deceivedings and will pay your winnings in full.

Casino rating on payments

This rating includes companies that promise to make payments as quickly as possible. The information was repeatedly checked by a large number of users who left their comments on various thematic forums.

Columbus- A couple of minutes

PlayFortuna Casino: - half an hour or even less

Casino Rating by Reviews

Here is the rating of the casino by reviews of real players. Here, too, the opinions of experienced people, who studied gambling for a number of years, were taken into account.

  1. Columbus:

Columbus Casino was opened at the very end of 2017 and immediately amazed the experts with an impressive assortment of interesting games and solid bonus programs. The design of the portal is distinguished by a bright and unusual color solution and the use of artifacts and historical details referring to the era of America's conquest.

Casino Rating

99 / 100

Beginning of work


Platform and License

Online casino Columbus is the property of Avento. This well-known operator in the field of network gambling is working on licensing agreements issued by the Netherlands government in the Antilles. The casino logo contains a link to verify the validity of the license agreement.


  1. PlayFortuna Casino:

Play Fortune online casino-this is one of the most popular gambling establishments of recent years. Support for more than seven of the most popular slot vendors, a wide selection of live games, table games, video poker and lotteries - that's what makes Fortune Casino an attractive place for fans of various gambling. A big plus is also the availability of a variety of bonuses and frisinos for every taste and color.

Casino Rating

99 / 100

Beginning of work



  1. SlotV:

Slot V is an online casino with astronomical jackpots and good welcome bonuses. One of the best brands on the Novomatic platform.

Casino Rating

99 / 100

Beginning of work


General impression of the casino

A typical casino with a friendly interface. But before this it is worth noting for yourself a few important points. Game service carefully monitor the legal rates and warns of various forms of fraud in accordance with the law of the Netherlands Antilles (license Curaçao), where a casino is registered.


  1. Drift Casino:

    General impression of the casino

Drift Casino was clearly created with an emphasis on the youth urban audience, not indifferent to auto racing, speed and automotive aesthetics in general. The creators were inspired by the cult films about drift-sport, and it is immediately noticeable: the portal lobby design is stylishly executed in a racing theme, with tracks, dashboard elements and cars on banners. Even the footer of pages looks like a semi-dark underground parking, and incentive accruals are called drifts.

Belongs to the platform of the well-known entertainment company Darklace Limited, which also owns Frank Casino and some other gambling sites. To protect against fraud, the powerful anti-fraud system Pomadorro AntiFraud Tool is used, which at once increases the trust in the resource.

The registration form is standard and extremely laconic: an e-mail with a password, an avatar, a game currency and an agreement with the rules. When it's too lazy to enter even this information - there is a quick registration through a link to social networks.

Casino Rating

95 / 100

Beginning of work



  1. AzartPlay Casino:

    How to attract the attention of a gamer and show him that a decent high rating of the casino is justified in all respects. The Azartplay gaming club attracts club customers with a variety of bonuses and loyalty programs, which are the basis of this gaming Internet institution. Real no deposit bonuses are the main strategy of the gaming establishment, where the player from the first minutes of the visit understands that this club is his, and the rating of the online casino is supported by various programs and tasks of the club. It can be noted that many of the best game combinations and systems are taken from another, no less popular club - Casino Epoca.

Description of the institution

The visitor of the game club draws attention to the interface of the institution, and Azartplay managed to attract the gambler with novelties various and interesting design, where the latest casino news, the "Records" headings are presented in a prominent place. The organizer of the establishment is a company that has a registration in Anguilla. The software is developed on the GloboTech platform. The player does not need to download the software, on-line you can test your luck in a demo game, or immediately try to grab the tail of Fortune. Not without reason the rating of the best online casinos shows that Azartplay has chosen the right strategy for attracting gamblers through the Internet. Players can play in the club for real money, and with the help of chips.

Casino Rating

96 / 100

Beginning of work



  1. FrankCasino:

    One of the best online casinos belongs to the company Dark Lace Limited and is intended for players from European countries.

Overall Impression

For beginners, a free game is provided. Registration is only necessary for those who wish to cash rates. The only condition is the confirmation of majority (18 years). The logo of the casino is the image of the golden crown - a symbol of wealth and royal fortune. The interface is both colorful and easy to use. The license for the services was given to the western coordinator PomadorroNV.

Casino Rating

97 / 100

Beginning of work



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