New update pokemongo 100 new legendary pokemons to catch

Hello Steemit, Today is a very big day for pokemon go players I just noticed that niantic has released a new update and finally we have new pokemons. The entire second generation has been released, it totally sucks because now I have to go to school and I really don't want.

Some new things that I have noticed in the few minutes of time I have now

 You need some items not for evolving certain pokemons

New Berries available for catching pokemon

Here is Crobat Evolved my newest adition to my pokedex 

Sucks I wish I had a few minutes left to go catch some of these new pokemons

I have to run or im going to be late for school 

Don't forget to check out the new update for pokemon go and to upvote follow and share @aidancloquell

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