Game Development: How You Can Become A Game Developer


You have the desire to play games on the computer or in game consoles (XBOX) Far Cry Five, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy or Android, iOS, to play different online multi-player games. And a top game developer will become. But do not know where to start from, what to learn, or how many teams will start to work. In that case, this article is for you.

1. Idea

The first thing that comes to the game is the game Idea. What is the idea of ​​games like game ideas, what features will be or how excited the action will be? It is important that you create any kind of games or what their features will be, but if the game is created without checking the market, then the game will not be enough, no matter how good and extraordinary you are in your view. So some things must be noticed.


such as

  • The game is being built with the help of which. That is, it is important to verify the needs and preferences of any old person or class of people who play this game, their needs, and preferences. As it is currently seen in children, makeup games are creating a market like this. And 25-year-olds from teenage teens play different types of multiplayer online games. Now, if you create makeup games for a teenager, it must not be.

  • Why players play this game? Apart from the same type of different games in the market, why do they play the game you created?

  • The most important thing is that the game is fun? Which part of it is interesting or interesting?

  • Whether to have a player experience to play the game? How much to live, and no experience, but what can play?
    What kind of awards are there for the players.

  • What are they interested in the game?
    The last thing to keep in mind is that the problem is that the player must solve the problem in this game.

  • When you create these games, keeping in mind the idea that the game will increase in the future due to the increase in popularity.

2. Game engine

Choose your game and then choose your game engine. The game engine is the software to develop the game environment. There are many things, including home, trees, character movements, two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphics, sound systems, animations, networking, physics of objects, and collisions, through input games engines. It is said, more than half of the game is played through the game engine.


Various types of games are available in the market. Many of them are almost free. Unity Five and Anriel Engine Four are the most popular among the new game developers of the current market. There are also go-downs, cray engines, game makers used in the market. But the thing to worry about is what you use.

In that case, I will not say that you have to use any of Unity or Anriel Engine. You all try one after the other. Use them to see what will be good for your game. Even if it takes some time you will find the appropriate game engine for your work. And do not know any work of the game engine? Do not worry at all. Working on these engines free from various websites on YouTube is available. From them, you can quickly learn the work of the game engine. I gave you links to some YouTube channels for your convenience.


3 Create an asset

All of the games are included in games that include everything like houses, stones, plants, music, sound effects, everything in the game suite. Character Physics, Car, Icon, AI, Special Effect, Networking and Game Estates. These assets are mainly used by games using different games engines.


Surely how is the Asset created? Assets are created through various 3D graphics designing software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks. But does this software look complicated? So you have to make the work easier for you Free open-source blender SketchUp is to design the house. Note that with this sketchup you can do the work of home interior design. If you do not want to give time to create an asset then you can buy assets at different websites. If you wish, you can also create and sell your own website.


4. Coding and arts

You can paint very well but can not code or code well, but the character design is very weak but there is no need to worry. While learning to code is not possible, learning is not difficult. It is possible to create amazing games by writing a few lines of code with the help of different engines in small games. Again there are many famous games, such as one of the famous games, not as extraordinary as Minecraft graphics. It's not that you have to do amazing graphics to create awesome games.


So do not be frustrated. But you have to learn to code at one point. In that case, you can take a look at the programs in which you can gain hands in one language.

C ++

The most popular programming language. You can create different types of games just by learning C plus Plus or C. It is said that every programmer of C or C plus should know. And yes, all game engines have C plus support.

C sharp or Java

Generally speaking, one of these two languages ​​will learn well. However, when someone will be working at the level of the game development level experts need to know both. C Sharp is basically the best for Unity Games engines. This programming language is used for the development of Android games in the Unity. Sea Sharp has been used in the Temple Run game.


Many types of games can be created only through HTML 5.

5. Developer Team

Although not one game development can be done alone, the developer's team created with more than forty people behind the development of big games. But the people who need the knowledge to create a basic team, or give the team an idea of ​​the things they need to create games.

Concept Artist: who designed various creative material sketches, drafts, character creations, maps, two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs.

  • Level Designer: Works on two-dimensional and three-dimensional modeling, including the work of various third party designing tools such as Ariel Eddie or Trudy Arts Package. Besides, the game mapping and its activities are included.

  • Modeller: Normally the work of modelers is to convert two-dimensional artwork to 3D sets and to model polygonal.

  • Animator: Normally the character control system works with the game's motion system.

  • Software developers: Functional integration of coding and games and front-end and back-end programming are part of a software developer.

Besides, a team of designers, teammates, and quality engineers is required to fix all budget controls and internal problems in the team.


Now suppose you are a completely new developer. Seeing the God of War or the Final Fantasy, the game was inspired. A game of level that you want to create. In that case, I will say first to keep your target small. Because if you have been working on such a game, you can not create it all the time. So the first advice is to keep your first made games as simple as possible. It is not possible to create games like Super Mario with your current experience and ability.

Most people start work on the purpose of creating call-of-duty or multiplayer games and then leave them all frustrated when they can not make anything after passing a few days. If you do not want to happen in your own case, then the first target is to create a simple game. And remember, still a lot of simple games in the market have gained a lot of popularity. The main thing is to stay in the game development. And start with small games. By creating small games, you will have the ability to experience more and build a team then you can concentrate on making big games.

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