Today I will tell about very interesting ICO project. We will discuss how Green and Nature Association introduces blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence in the cannabis industry industry and also we will in detail talk about ICO details.
Green and Nature Association uses blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to bring branch of cannabis to new level. Blockchain is used for transparent data management which is used for providing valuable information both for the consumer, and for the companies. GANA provides the system of authentication of quality and the platform of business analytics. The main objective is providing the personal help based on artificial intelligence for users of cannabis. Thus, GANA will become the largest holder of data in the cannabis industry. The technological GANA platform will be useful to consumers, producers, distributors, producers of content and products, research institutes and marketing firms.
Tokens of GANA will be provided to clients who have bought products which have been added to the certificate of GANA. They will be able to buy movies, music, digital contents, the recommended products through a mobile application. Users can receive GANA tokens, providing information. This act will become exchange one granting more better than services to users by the analysis of their purpose of use, a profile, the clinical record and taste. Information on the personalized collecting GANA will be integrated with the data collected at partners of GANA and will be used for carrying out researches for users of cannabis. Those who want to improve partnership and will be a part of system of data exchange, can use GANA tokens for the agreement. The volume of use of a token of GANA will extend in process of start of this service. GANA plans to create an ecosystem in which the token of GANA can be used in all process - from production, before private use.
GANA is a project which will help the industry of cannabis and users of cannabis. But not only for them, but also for users of tokens of GANA who will be able to use in many respects, such as payments and mobile applications. Cannabis - it is good and this project is very great assistance for his support. According to National Institutes of health care, people used marijuana or cannabis for treatment of the illnesses within at least 3000 years.
Study this project in more detail, having visited the official site

Summing up the result, I want to tell that Green and Nature Association isn't the first ICO project which is focused on the cannabis industry, but the first of them who involved connection of artificial intelligence. The idea interesting and their ICO passes quite well still.

ICO details

GANA participates in various crypto, a blockchain forums, conclude serious contracts.
The GANA team, all her workers work for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help with any question. They always in touch also don't vanish from a look. At the moment, when we speak about ICO projects, this fact is very important.
All prototypes made by team of GANA developers are in open access, already now you can examine and test this system.
Detailed information:

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