My Ruby Journey Continues...

I have been sidetracked a lot lately so I haven't gotten to finish my course on Ruby over at Codeacademy.

I'm getting there though. Currently 73% done with the course.

Here are all the sections I have covered so far.

I just went over the Lambda Syntax. Here's a little description on what it is and how the script works. It's fairly simple.

Even though I'm still a noob at coding. I am progressing slowly but surely. Although at times I admit I get really confused with the coding and having to use the hints. It can get a bit frustrating and my brain starts to hurt sometimes 😛

I hope to be able to write my own script soon and get better as time goes by. Something I always wanted to do.

Overall, I am enjoying learning Ruby and I find it to be a great programming language even though Python is more popular.

I have to give credit to developers that can code in multiple languages and have the patience to write code. I hope to be joining this crowd soon.

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