Farewell of a great soldier

Good Morning dear friends! How are you all? Of course you all are very well. After some days I am in golos again. I love #golos very much but due to illness and some busyness I can't post anything in this great social media family. But I am trying to be regular in this.
I am a mad for playing and My most favorite games is football. My football fondness had started by seeing some players' charismatic playing. Such as #Pele, #Maradona, #Messi, #Ozil etc.

Yes #Mesut-Ozil is my top listed player in the world because of his behaviors and piusness. Only game is not the last word, at the end of the day we all are human being. Which I learnt from Ozil.
Every game has an end of joy or lost. There is no way to win two team, one will lost and one will win, but Germany's behaviors hurt me deeply. I can't console myself.

Germany is my favorite country, I don't think such situation will be created. Afteall I wish Germany will oblige  Ozil to back in the national team.

Thanks for wasting time to read this post.

В избранное
Md Ziarul Islam
На Golos с 2018 M02

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