The most aspects of human activity which are related to economic activities do not have defined and established standards regarding the development of business relations between customers and employees (both for outsourcing staff and freelancers).

The GigTricks team knows how to solve this matter and has managed to develop a platform based on blockchain to increase the level of trust, transparency, and fairness between freelancers and customers at any professional area of human activity.

Each action which operates within the platform would be stored at blockchain ledger. This may be said for the rating system, left feedbacks or reviews and its checking for validity and fairness. Verified data records cannot be overwritten or changed.

The main purpose of GigTricks is to create a fair platform for customers and freelancers that would manage more security measures for both parties. Also, this platform is the tool to beat the global recession. The project team uses a significant number of tools for achieving that goal.

Hyperledger is one of those technologies. This technology was developed to eliminate the existing shortcomings of the blockchain. Hyperledger protocol was created to use blockchain features to provide secure and private access to a decentralized ledger. In other words, Hyperledger is a protocol that consists of meta-data used to maintain privacy and security in the blockchain.

There are some problems related to the interaction between freelancer and customer. One of them is the security of intellectual activity. The lack of a trust between two parties - is the other one. But it can be solved via utilizing the smart contracts and blockchain.

The main advantages of using GigTricks

  1. Transparency. The first reason to choose GigTricks and Hyperledger is, undoubtedly, the new level of transparent interaction between two parties. In other words, given protocol does not allow some users to access private data but only chosen groups of users can access to certain data, thanks to the settings and the stable operation of the protocols.

  2. Small fees. In order to ensure security during a transaction, the platform will use the Ethereum blockchain. This means that Hyperledger protocol will take full control of the given ecosystem. That is, all transactions will be stored in the specified ledger.

  3. The more efficient data storage protection. Th Hyperledger protocol allows all members of the community to store and share the data with other users via nodes at a blockchain. This also means a developed data control tool that will provide enhanced capabilities for other members of the GigTricks community. It follows that confidential data is reliably protected from unauthorized access, which significantly reduces the risk of its loss.

Why is to choose GigTricks

  • the platform creates a diversified portfolio that makes each user to offer their services and have the right to own objects of their intellectual activity;

  • this is the good spot to find the right freelancer to do the specific tasks;

  • the GigTricks ecosystem gives you the opportunity to use a transparent system of reviews and user ratings, which mainly prevents the creation of untrue reviews about the finished project and the freelancers.



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