GIGTRICKS/How it Will Work?

The GigTricks Limited is a private company that is limited by shares and is incorporated in Gibraltaar in accordance with the Companies Act 2014 and with the registration number 117112. Gibraltar was chosen to be established due to the understanding that its jurisdiction is crypto-friendly.

There are people who direct the GigTricks company. The function of these directors is to be responsible for the activities of the company and to oversee the Company’s activities on a day to day basis. The directors shall exercise their powers in accordance with the Company’s articles of association and their fiduciary duties to the Company. They are vested with all the powers to perform all acts that are necessary or useful to manage and control the business of the company and the development of the GigTricks platform.

MISSION OF GIGTRICKS: The GigTricks organization is trying to make a totally redesigned adaptation of the current outsourcing stages that will be cutting edge in its capacity to offer different openings, limit the dangers and make a triumphant situation for all partners that are included. GigTricks have a dream in which they intend to wind up a reality. This vision can turn into a reality as it makes a suitable, available and minimal effort independent stage that will try to profit whatever number nations as could reasonably be expected!!!


The GigTricks biological system engineering has been intended to be very adaptable to guarantee its adaptability. This basically implies the consultants will have the capacity to offer/advertise their items as well as administrations on the web or disconnected as a piece of the environment. For instance, a computerized advertiser could create and furthermore offer a course or offer an item or administration on the GigTricks stage either on the web or disconnected (that is, face to face). The consultant would then be able to recieve installment by means of the GigTricks crypto tokens named as the GigBit token (GBTC).
The GigTricks stage expects to make worldwide reception an easy procedure.

Ethereum's tamper-free smart contracts will establish the terms and conditions at the beginning of every consignment, including deadlines and payable amount. This will serve as a valid proof in contrast to the poor system of quotes and bids used in existing platforms, that are unreliable. Moreover, the escrow system will ensure that payments are processed without fail depending on the amount of work completed. GigTrick's own token GigBit will be used for all exchanges which will bring the high taxes on traditional cross-border payments down to a negligible amount. It will automatically reduce the fee levied by the platform drastically too. This is in stark contrast to the current platforms that impose exorbitant charges per consignment on freelancers. Even external mediums like PayPal charge significant costs, however, the GigBit token will resolve the issue ingeniously.


The GIgBit token (GBTC) depends on ER20 arrangement and it works in the Ethereum nettwork in light of the fact that it will make it effectively adoptable by the group and by the market. The Ethereum based token is a decent answer for general installments that are above little sums, for example, $0.0001. GigTicks will use GigBit credits for micropayments to make them more financially savvy. The Gigbit credits are not tradable. They will be issued by the stage and can be changed over to GigBit tokens as it were. The GigBit credits can't be sent starting with one client then onto the next, otr outside the stage.

This crypto token (GBTC) is expected to empower a methods for installment over the biological community for its members all around. The token can be utilized for: In-application exchange for opening items or administrations, Users memberships, Community rewards, Advertising, Royalty installments, and Freelancer tipping.

The token will likewise serve to even out the playing field and set a benchmark for the administrations which will be given.

The Team

Founder and CEO Amir Shaikh has a successful experience of 14 years in project management with a record of managing 450 million USD worth of projects of international scale. He is a blockchain enthusiast and a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. Co-founder and COO Omar Latif has an unmatched experience of 17 years in the IT sector. He is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of founding a software firm which has branched out in countries like Canada, Australia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The leadership is formidable and the team is equally fit to handle a project of this scale.

Blockchain has certain substantial features that make it unique. GigTricks optimizes those features to the best of their potential and is perfectly compatible with the blockchain. It deftly resolves all problems in the freelancing market and this will accelerate its growth. Considering the fact that the gig industry is on the rise and expected to grow exponentially, the platformhas emerged at the precise moment. With a huge influx, GigTricks will have enough time to establish itself and flourish. With a robust team and a genius project, there is little doubt that GigTricks has quite a lot of disruptions to make.

People who invent new things or discover important phenomena are extremely curious about things. The companies and business are part of the curiosity that is inherent in human beings. And, everything great, that human beings generate in their life is the result of the curiosity. The culture of working in a 9 to 5 job seems to be fading away as more and more people are choosing the life and job they always dreamt.

The economy of the freelancers and the people working independently is significantly rising in many countries. The total market size for freelancer/gig industry is estimated to be 1.4 trillion dollars and 715 billion dollars for the USA. These numbers are indicators of the rising changes in the job market and business process in the world. The world of freelancer/gig is changing rapidly with the technology adoption. And, it is a right time for the platform like GIGTRICKS to present a transparent ecosystem of jobs and payment



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