The rapid rise of freelancers and other on-demand workers is influencing SMEs immensely. Today, 42% of businesses employ contract workers as it is cheaper and more flexible than having to full-time employees. If done right, it can enable them to hire talent with a more entrepreneurial bent.

GigTricks Targets
Create a completely upgraded version of the current freelancing platforms which will be futuristic in its ability to offer opportunities, minimise risks and create a winning scenario for all stakeholders involved.
Surpass the standards formed by the typical freelancing websites

Why GigTricks

GigTricks is aiming to launch a new, open, decentralized series of interconnected platforms that are dedicated to the real-time management of any freelance and on-demand economy.
They has a clear understanding of its vision, and with the mission to incorporate core values, the platform offers benefits that are incomparable in today's market.
If you wish to showcase your services on a platform where there is the greatest degree of professionalism and ethics within it, whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur.
If you want to create a diversified work portfolio that allows you to market your skills and own your work with proof.
If you are an entrepreneur and value talented people.
If you cannot afford to invest in a workplace but wish to hire the right individuals for the job.
If you are a newbie and want to create your competitive advantage in the market come join GigTricks where you can take up skill tests to increase your profile.
If you are tired of fake and untrusted reviews, join the community as GigTricks will aim to have a transparent system for review rating.

The Problem
The freelancer is often at the mercy of the client when payment is due.
The client faces the risk of encountering unethical freelancers and their unprofessional behavior of delaying or holding up delivery of products or services until extra fees are paid.
The fees charged by those sites for every "gig" a freelancer gets.
GigTricks Solution
Each operation will be registered within the network in a way that is transparent, publicly verifiable, and impossible to falsify.
The entrepreneurs will have the ability, through a single interface, to purchase any product and/or service within the freelance and on-demand economy as offered by numerous worldwide freelancers.
The blockchain will offer the technical consensus mechanism that will enabling data to be validated in less than 1 second
Because of the blockchain's open standard, it will be possible to incorporate additional feature layers and modules to extend the platform's functionalities and possibilities
The blockchain consensus mechanism makes it possible to secure highly reduced transaction costs.
Since all transactions within the blockchain are immutable, our system will be robust and tamper-proof for storing data within the blockchain.
All disputes within the ecosystem will be handled on a decentralized basis via the incentivized voting process.
Encouraging community members to be more engaged among themselves as participants involved in the platform will be rewarded by GBTC tokens.
GigTricks blockchain-based platform will permanently store the immutable review/skill data which will allow the entrepreneurs to hire the right freelancer for the right project in a quick and efficient manner.
Entrepreneurs will be able to verify the blockchain based immutable review rating for every freelancer, and they will also have the ability to search review ratings for every freelancer's individual skill.

GigTricks Platform Features
Creating work opportunities and therefore assisting in the fight against the recession problem.
Offering a professional platform formed on ethical values, i.e. no tolerance and entertainment for bribery, fraud, and miss-commitments such as premeditated breach of contract.
Giving all users a chance to find the right fit for their projects without having the need to set up a typical workspace.
Using technology to reach all corners of the globe and bringing skillful individuals and potential clients under one roof and each other's reach.

GigTricks will seek to assist clients with the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts in avoiding unethical and unprofessional freelancers who may sign up to projects with great enthusiasm at the initial stage but, their willingness to do the projects disappears soon after.
The GigTricks platform will be built on the core values of providing a place to both the freelancers and the clients where talented people can meet entrepreneurs who will acknowledge their hard work and allow them to polish their skills by hiring them for projects. as the GigTricks platform will aim to offer a review rating system for both parties. GigTricks will endeavor to achieve its core aim of creating an honest and professional environment.

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