GigTricks now at the beginning of the year a crypto company with certain characteristics, with the many and high current trading crypto-markets that dominate the market. partnership GigTricks Become one of the big companies that will be very successful in the future. Trading in the world of cryptocurrency never escaped the rise and fall of the currency-dollar fluctuations and the exchange of coins, this is a natural thing that is felt by crypto-trading companies. Moreover, the company has no creative idea that the system can keep out of investments, of course this is a disaster that can be fatal with the destruction of the company. Decentralized investment funds on the blockchain platform for investors around the world are an effective philosophy offered by this platform. With the vision and mission of the concept of mutual benefit between the project owner and the token owner. With so many markets in the world of cryptocurrency this year that competitors of many companies who act or trade should have more unique functions and creativity, this could be one of the success points that the crypto-trading community can achieve.

GigTricks is a global startup founded in early 2017 with headquater in Gibraltar and support oce in United Arab Emirates. GigTricks is an early post-revenue startup which has not only a working product but also revenue generating model which is currently focused only on e-commerce marketplace activities for any kind of digital services.

GigTrricks Freelance & On-Demand Ecosystem
Bridge to Opportunity GigTrricks Maarketplace — GigTricks Marketplace connects entrepreneurs with freelancers on a global scale. It will act as a mechanism to connect worldwide professionals to trade services between each other by using GigBit token.
Blokchain Based Profiles GigTrricks Pro — GigTricks Pro is a global platform for professionals to showcase their professional profiles that are verified under the GigTricks blockchain. It offers profile diversity by displaying individual skill rating.

Acquire Best Skill Learning — GigTricks Learning is the global online center of excellence where entrepreneurs and freelancers can acquire the in-demand skills to enhance their business and professional profiles for an added accomplishment.
Interact for Purpose GigTricks Social — GigTricks Social is focused on increasing the level of engagement among ecosystem participants; enabling users to follow, message, and share information. It encourages community members to socialize for a purpose.
Payment Flexibility GiTricks PoS — GigTricks Point of Sale (PoS) will provide sellers with an opportunity to increase their sales revenue in the physical world. The sales and reviews generated will be recorded under the blockchain.

GigTricks a new trading platform based on successful blockchain methods that demonstrate the market and change the functioning of the financial ecosystem. This system uses its platform counterparts to be a way to support the trading process for some fantastic asset types. In addition, this platform also uses its own known cryptocurrency which is known to be the Token trade. Developers expect to create huge liquidity targets that hold Token transactions to help tokens holders. The goal of this platform is to become a leader in transforming multiple financial assets with blockchain technology. Once you decide to participate in this trade website, I am sure that you can continue to invest with the founder’s experience and creative ideas and do transactions or transactions that are sure to provide great revenue and that will personally benefit you.

The future of the platform GigTricks as a first-generation platform that provides solutions to problems with investors that can not be on time and every time that changes in the crypto market or the usual ups and downs of prices occur in crypto, this platform is searched by potential users who are ready for automatic notification on their mobile devices to leave the world without the least of their activities. Seeks to build an ecosystem that conceptualises the mutual benefit between traders and users, as well as a platform that can continuously support the stability of sales. To solve the problems that are often found by most investors, GigTricks comes to solve it while providing intelligent solutions with a platform that helps the performance and ease of access to their accounts.

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