GlitzKoin: The Game Changer Diamond Trading Platform

The blockchain is growing bigger and better every day. This time, we talk about the profoundly radical diamond trading platform GlitzKoin. But then, what makes GlitzKoin different? It is an extremely advanced blockchain-based diamond trading platform featuring a new form of digital currency that aid in smooth financial settlements while actively centering on security and transparency. The GlitzKoin-diamond platform is the first milestone in the diamond industry in years. This platform offers instantaneous access for the perspective as well as existing diamond buyers to link up with the existing sellers everywhere across the world.
What is a Diamond-Based Trading Platform?

GlitzKoin is a project is designed to offer more than just generating of cryptocurrency. With a dedicated team of diamond experts as well as technical gurus who understand the blockchain technology to the optimum level, this project is about creation of a more excellent and superior trading platform for the buyers and sellers of diamond at all levels. GlitzKoin is transforming the diamond industry by lessening the barriers, instilling trust and increasing coordination as well as harmonization in the cross-border transactions for the entire diamond industry.
Explaining the Diamond Blockchain Concept

Blockchain as a whole is extremely technical and comprehensive, but in a nutshell we can say that blockchains consist of a variety of nodes, and every node is very essential for proper functioning of the system. Any transactions initiated on one particular node is also updated on every other node. Technically, this kind of data distribution creates a base that nearly not penetrable or easy to hack.
In the diamond-based blockchain context, the diamond dealer uploads data correlating to his certified diamonds to the blockchain and a detailed info of every diamond is recorded on the nodes. As a result, a long-lasting record of the stone (diamond) is taken and no further alteration is possible for the recorded information. The tamper-proof record becomes visible to all the blockchain members. Any potential buyer picks all the information as disclosed by the seller and recorded in the blockchain, thus, no dealing with mediators and no cloaked price tags.

What Difference Does GlitzKoin Provide?
Sellers can access markets that were previously unavailable to them.
Consumers will in due course be able to buy directly from the sellers.
Both professionals and novices will have the capacity to buy the listed diamonds direct from the seller, thus getting rid of the many brokers as well as commission agents that are currently dominating trade.
GlitzKoin as virtual currency coins can be used to pay for the diamonds purchased, thus getting rid of costly bank charges as well as losses due to currency conversion.
For the first time in the blockchain industry, innovation and technology comes together to create a difference for the buyers and sellers of diamond. GlitzKoin is a new blockchain and virtual currency ecosystem, the game changer from the traditional diamond trading to the new system that allows prospective traders to buy, collect and own diamond without a glitch at just the press of a button. GlitzKoin is going to create a global digital ledger that will embed the end-to-end history and the value of this asset. With GlitzKoin, the traditional diamond boss is moving into a virtual diamond market decentralized with a smart contract reflecting the type of financial offering, a single diamond sale or a shared investment on high value diamonds.

Benefits of GlitzKoin Open Blockchain
It will revolutionize diamond’s supply chain and ensure it is more efficient for the parties involved. This involves integrating all the stakeholders on one platform, thus enabling secure and efficient transactions and cost reduction for all.
This project also assembles all the premium talents in the blockchain technology including diamond experts and crypto gurus with many years of proficiency in all phases of diamond industry.
Other than implementing the new cryptocurrency, GlitzKoin also embraces setting up of a full-bodied diamond trading platform on the supposed stellar blockchain.
The network security and supply chain identity of GlitzKoin is entirely protected and founded on the federated byzantine agreement system that aid in running network governance protocol.
GlitzKoin offer user friendly solutions requiring less technical knowledge that fits in easily into the existing business applications as well as processes.

GlitzKoin is a reliable and efficient blockchain-based diamond trading platform. The idea behind this new platform is to transform entire diamond trading operation to a transparent seller and buyer experienc

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