Global Real Estate Investment Trust Platform for a Multiple Choice of Investment Opportunities

During the long time real estate investment has been known as a good possibility to derive enrichment. There is a multiple choice of investment opportunities. But the traditional model of real estate investment has some obstacles connected to governmental regulatory rules and financial procedures. In cases when individuals want to own property abroad they are usually required to follow strict procedure to fulfill the statutory requirements of the country.

In order to overcome investment difficulties, the Real Estate Investment Trusts are offered as another investment option. Global REIT is an owner of profit producing estate. The blockchain technology influences various industries of modern economy, creating digital money served for secure and transparent transactions and revolutionizing the traditional approach to business.

Global REIT platform advantages

Global REIT developers consider that this project might be interesting to those crypto investors, who are searching for monthly income and dividends in the real estate market. Global REIT may attract professionals, those who argue for traditional approach in the sphere of Real Estate but still wouldn't eliminate the possibility to enter the existing blockchain system.

The Global REIT was created to organize a global real estate investment service that will boost the shareholders return in comparison to traditional REITs. Global REIT investors will get an opportunity to access to the global market of the real estate with no obligation to appropriate the entire property. Therefore investors will earn from property, receiving stable monthly dividends as well as other benefits, which can't be received from traditional REITs.

Key platform components

The Global REIT platform is created to organize and deliver dividends among all the system users and investors. For this purpose the following core elements of the platform were developed:

The Asset Management Module provides end users with an ability to realize the asset features and values, to learn the market tendencies and historical information. The module is meant to facilitate all parties in the system.

The Compliance and Security Module provides safety and secure of transactions held by users within the project frames.

The Transaction Module connects all API and interface calls with external systems. The module is responsible for executing instructions from all ecosystem users.

Token Sale Plan

Token holders will gain an opportunity to participate in the Fund Management Income and receive dividends each month. Users are provided with an unlimited access to their Assets under Management. Loyalty program reward points are connected to the AUM and can be used to provide free services. The first AUM is valued $75 million and located in the Palm Dubai, UAE.

Global REIT users will be rewarded with the following tokens: GREM and GRET. Users will get an opportunity to get the benefit from the Fund Management returns, estimated in GREM, and the income of the assets on the management GRET. GREM supporters will get dividends each month.

The REIT structures in the most countries remain preferred by the investors. Investors all over the world want to be confident about their choice. Nobody wants to suffer from frauds especially in connection to great sums of money. It should be mentioned that in the most countries the REIT business is obliged with high taxes. According to Global REIT founders, all difficulties may represent a hidden opportunity for the future development of the project. Global REIT developers consider a real estate investment to be an extremely promising and attractive economy sector especially in emerging market.


This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

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