Real Estate Investment Trust Creates a Competitive Advantage for Investors with Global REIT

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) provide ways for individual investors to enter the market of the income-producing real estate. What sets REITs apart from other real estate funds, is that they typically deliver higher dividends than non-REIT funds. Since the aim of a REIT is to return post-tax profits, REIT companies should meet the specified requirements. In addition, real estate trusts are subject to changes in vigorous economic environment, including rates of interest.

Global REIT enables investors to use a blockchain-based REIT model, which allows for dealing with an extensive range of investment projects as well as investing in cryptocurrecncy. Unlike most of REITs, Global REIT will allow for funding diverse portfolios, that is creating investment assets from apartments to shopping malls with regard to a broad geographical coverage.

Target audience and key directives

Commercial real estate segment remains strong with increased investor activism. Global REIT will push the boundaries of traditional REIT management, as it eliminates the need for acquiring the entire real estate properties. For that, Global REIT will include Assets under Management (AUM) to manage the value of assets on behalf of investors. Global REIT is a socially responsible fund, and as such it pays much attention to compliance with the Shariah rules. As a starting point for establishing assets, Global REIT will carry out its main activities in the United Arab Emirates.

Blockchain technology has lowered entrance barriers for real estate asset holders, REIT companies and crypto investors worldwide. Participants of the platform will be provided with all necessary information concerning the properties, such as minimum investments and exchange rates, as well as market trends and values. Investors will receive monthly returns, which allows them to balance returns of different assets. Alongside dividends, token holders will receive certain discounts.

Fund managers of the Global REIT will assist in registering assets and add the properties to the Global REIT List. The security provided on the platform is suitable to any concern: The compliance and security module will ensure fraud prevention. The system relies on Proof-of-Asset protocol to establish the validity of the assets.

Profit calculation

In order to calculate the profitability of the real estate properties, Global REIL will introduce the Independent Investment Committee. The capital gains from the total investment portfolio are predicted to stay at $10 bln over five years of implementation. The profitability of the first AUM, a hotel Mysk Al Mouj by Shaza in Dubai is estimated to reach $75 mln.

Token Sale Plan

Global REIT will utilize two different tokens: GREM, a fund manager token, and GRET, an asset token. This will enable shares in both fund and asset returns.

Public ICO started on June 1, 2018 and will end on June 30, 2018:

Global REIT is an asset-backed operating company. Hence it will provide its participants with dividends based on the income on the assets paid in USD. All assets that will be presented to the fund, will undergo a complex audit. This is important for building trust between investors, asset holders and REITs companies who will take part in the ecosystem.


This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

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