GLOBATALENT the future of the sport world

The sporting era never goes out of fashion and nothing brings together people in the world like soccer or tennis matches. We are crazy people who love sports to death, no matter whether we can play them in real life or not. But, the fan inside us is always alive and cheering for the players we love.

Be it, Roger of Lawn tennis or Ronaldo of Football, everyone has found his audience in the world. There is a lack of direct interaction between fans, clubs and players. Another problem with today's sporting world is the lack of good sports talent at a young age. Many people around the world do not get the same opportunities as others, and this is a loss for all of us. Supporting talented players what they need at a young age can create a revolution in the sport world. Is there a platform that can offer a solution to all these problems?

Solutions Offered

GLOBATALENT offers to bring solutions to the above-mentioned problems. They want to invest in talented players at a young age by sponsoring him. This allows athletes to create a framework in which they can sell a portion of their future income to get the right opportunity that is needed today. They will allow fans to invest in their favorite clubs and thus decentralize the sports industry. Bringing more people to become part of the sporting revolution is their primary goal.

Anyone can get funding from the GLOBATALENT community by submitting their application. Smart contract-based sponsors and transfer rights will allow clubs and players to make the system more transparent and effective. This young athlete program aims to provide financial support to young talents that form part of the world. Athletes, teams, clubs and sports organizations are part of a platform aimed at decentralizing the sports industry. 3% of transactions go into the platform because they have created a healthy business model that will increase in the coming years.


1,000,000,000 GBT Tokens are made for projects where 50% are sold on ICO. ICO starts from April 16, 2018 and continues until May 6, 2018. The dates for pre-sale tokens were not announced.

30% of the funds raised will be used in software development while 25% of the funds will be used in marketing and community development. The team at GOLOBATALENT has years of experience in sports league management and business development. They have decided to bring the blockchain technology into the sports industry.


Well, what we do not often see is the number of people and industries involved in the creation of tournaments, leagues or matches. Millions of dollars spent on bringing the best players in the club to win the championship and keep the loyal fans happy. Clubs need money to continue operating they get from sponsorship rights, transfer rights, tv rights, tickets and prize money.

Talent can be found anywhere but the right environment and care is needed for true athlete development. Decentralization of the sports industry could be the first step in the discovery of natural talent from around the world. How people will react to the platform is a future issue but everyone believes in a talent that can be supported by society. The players and the club will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this platform. So, be prepared to support your best team on the platform.
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