Hi, to all golos memebrs. This is Bilal. I hope you are doing good. Accidently I came across GOLOS and in my opinion it will be a nice journey for me.I am actively bloging and trading crypto currencies since 2013. I am on steemit too.
LInk to the steem profile:

I will be sharing my blogs and content here. Moreover I found that golos project is a Russian. I love Russia and wanna visit some day. I just wanna visit and witness their heritage, monuments and much more.

I hope I will be warmly welcomed in to the community. I wanna pledge that I will always be posting my own content and will be supporting GOLOS project in every possible manner. Thanks

link to my golgos profile:

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Bilal Hasan
his is Bilal. I am crypto enthusiast since few years now getting into it!

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