Is there really a World Wide Elite Pedo Ring?

Growing up as a kid I was introduced to the Catholic religion and attended church most Sunday mornings for just a few years. I am thankful to have Jesus as my savior but, I refuse to attend church or offer any money in the collection plate because of the black stain that I feel the Catholic Church has become. For years there have been many suspected and accused clergy members with respect to child abuse and pedofilia and the problems seem to get worse as time progresses. I can remember times myself that priests asked me questions in confession that made me feel uncomfortable although I can’t remember anything specific after all these years.
I have long had my suspicion about current Pope Francis and if he is really a true man of GOD and a follower of Jesus in the way that the Bible asks us to be. His unprecedented opinions of same sex marriage, transgender bathroom policies and the absence of “Hell” are very controversial and total opposite views of what the Catholic Church has been teaching for over 2000 years. It makes me distrust the church because of his actions and today that trust factor was damaged even further.
34 Bishops resignations were submitted today when questions of child pedofilia and destruction of evidence were uncovered in Chile. The Bishops responded to accusations as “absolutely depolable” when questioned about thier involment in child sex crimes by the Pope. The evidence and frequency of accusations within the Catholic Church has turned the religion into something it was never intended to be which is to teach the world about the only son of GOD Jesus Christ.
The Catholic Church has slowly slid into a dark world that even seems demonic to me at times. Gone are the days where you can send your child to church functions and be worry free of child sex abuse and mental manipulation. I have been vocal and had suspicions about this Pope and the Vatican since the night lightning struck the chruch on the day Francis was announced was the new Catholic leader.

Jesus wants you to know him. He wants you to have a relationship with him and come to him when your or loved ones are ina time of need. The requirement into heaven does not depend on how much money you put in that offering plate or your commitment to the institution of the Catholic Church! How can we have a world where men of GOD can not only trusted to be loving but also at the same time seem to be doing the work of Satan himself? It’s time for the world to uncover this sick dark world of pedofilia and make it so that the evil people committing such acts again helpless children will never feel safe to walk down the street ever again. Please pray for all the children around the world who have been victimized by these sick human beings dressed in fake white cloth and represent themselves as the closest men to Jesus living on the planet. Pray yourself.....and tell the Catholic Church NO until these sick criminals are behind bars where they deserve to be.

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