You better shut your mouth dawg!

This is what happenes when you got a little white dog that likes to talk shit! Casey, a saltwater croc has been barked at, terrorized, mocked and punked for an entire decade by this dog “Pippa” and he finally got that little loud mouth yapper back today.....checkmate bieotch!
Yes that’s the dog in his mouth and we will no longer be hearing from “Pippa” acting like a telephone tough guy anymore!

At Goat Island Lodge, south of Darwin in the middle of the crocodile-infested Adelaide River, guests had gathered to watch pup Pippa perform her favourite trick — running at Casey the crocodile to scare her back into the river.

So let me get this straight.....the owner of the dog let Pippa perform this “trick” for ten years and then even said he thought this may happen at some point. Is this not blatant animal abuse by the dogs owner? How does Michael Vick do A few years in the State Pen and this act is ok? Where is the public outrage like they gave to Vick? This dog owner knew this was a bad idea and someday Casey would do what crocs live prey!

The video of Pippa being dragged into the water was made worse by the screams of bystanders, but serves as a bleak warning about the river's dange
If you have a little dog and it’s the type that thinks it could run a motorcycle gang out of town put it on a leash so these types of things don’t happen. I can’t believe families watched this happen while staying at the lodge and had to pay to see it. Seems like to me this dog owner should face some sort of punishment for the reckless treatment of his dog antagonizing a superior and extremely powerful croc that is unpredictable.

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