Enjoy 100% Fee Refund on First Crypto Deposit

Hey Traders,

A few days back when Zebpay shut down its exchange, we helped Zebpay users keep their funds fluid by migrating to Bitbns. Additionally, we waived off the entire transaction fees incurred while migrating funds for a limited period of time.

But this time, we are back with another offer for all Bitbns users that is even more mind-blowing!

We are waiving off/refunding any fee incurred while depositing funds to Bitbns from any other cryptocurrency exchange across the world. This means you can now transfer your funds from any crypto exchange to Bitbns without bearing any transfer charges.

Offer rules:

Fees will be refunded only for 1st deposit transaction for each token during the offer period. Valid for all users
To receive the fee refund, users must hold the entire migrated amount in Bitbns wallet for at least 10 days, or trade it. Note: The deposited crypto cannot be withdrawn during the offer period
This is applicable for all deposits post 7PM, effective from 11 October 2018 on all coins listed on Bitbns.
Post the screenshot of the transaction on social media and write the Transaction ID (also called Hash ID) in the post description, along with this mandatory hashtag #MigrateToBitbns
To claim the withdrawal fee refund fill this form.
So get going guys! Shift your crypto funds to Bitbns now, and enjoy the best crypto trading experience with Bitbns!

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