"The one, who has information, wields the world"

The phrase became popular as a result of the events of two centuries ago. It is still relevant in our days. Moreover, its appearance is very interesting.

The names of many emperors and outstanding figures who lived 100 years ago, are rarely known outside their homeland. But, the name of Napoleon Bonaparte is known worldwide. Even the whole era was called by his name.

In 1815 there was a final battle for Napoleon where he could return his power or lose it completely. The battle between the French and the English army got its name "The Battle of Waterloo".

 The legend says that the sons of Rothschild (Jacob and Nathan) watched the events. Nowadays, they have the huge banking system, but it all started with the first bank of ​​ 4 sq.m in space .

When the battle took place, this family already had a network of banks in Europe. But, they increased their capital after a sly combination.

At that time the news were sent by pigeon post. Despite the fact, that Rothschilds were mostly interested in the growth of family finances, they had hobbies - pigeons and horses.

Having received information that the English army was winning under Waterloo, Nathan Mayer Rothschild sent a post pigeon.  Moreover, to avoid any risk, he hurried to London burse on high-speed horses. They still did not know about the victory of the British.

On the stock exchange, he played the terrible disappointment because of  the Napoleon's “victory,” and put his stocks for sale at a reduced price. Other participants of the financial market believed that the British had lost and began to sell off their securities. As a result, Rothschilds bought everything for peanuts. Who really won, London learned a day later, when the government officially announced it.

The Rothschilds have become richer for 40 million pounds. It is a lot of money according to today's standards.

Possession of information is relevant nowadays. But it is not enough to possess. It is necessary to process and use.

There are various ways of collecting and processing of information. But, it is important to ensure the safety of databases. Such security can give the blockchain technology. It makes impossible the outside influence. The mediaprotocol platform is the newest development for the exchange of qualitative information based on the blockchain technology.

There you can post videos, books, articles and other materials. Consumers have access to the content directly, without intermediaries.

All platform relationships are based on smart contracts. Calculations are made by MEDIA tokens.

It is easy to get tokens: posting interesting texts, blogs, watching videos, passing surveys, etc.

A special application Crypto Catnip dApp has been developed for access from the phone.

In general, the Internet - platform combines all the best, makes content available, removes intermediaries between authors and consumers. In addition, it provides high security for users.

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