Voiced planet.

Music is a special world in bright colors and sounds.

Even the plants do not "remain indifferent" to the melodies.

Scientists all over the world (in Holland, USA, Japan, Sweden) have conducted and are conducting really interesting experiments on how the music effects water, plants, children's development, mood and the psyche of people. There even worked out music therapy as a special method of treatment.

Music is inseparable from our lives. It creates a mood, helps to concentrate / relax (depending on circumstances), increases productivity, inspires, and stimulates creativity.

The power of art is that it can make a person happier.

Musicians with the help of their musical instruments can express their emotions, mood, attitude to life, various events.

If a person has such a talent, how he or she could show it to the world?

A new platform BitSon was specially designed for this purpose.

It will help to lay out the results of the work of musicians: songs, albums, and for listeners it will give an opportunity to evaluate them. Interaction with the help of smart contracts is possible without intermediaries.

Authors and users will also be able to earn from advertising.

The authors of the project plan to create an Internet radio, TV, as well as their own streaming channel.

Different manipulations in the ratings will be excluded due to the blockchain technology.

You can listen to different pieces of art with the program BitSong from any car radio, TV, smartphone, laptop, tablet, and computer.

On the basis of the platform there will be a social network.

It will help the musicians in promoting their oeuvre and generating income from the sale of songs.

The use of this internet site excludes plagiarism to protect the interests of the authors.

BitSong will help to attract sponsors, give the opportunity to vote for your favorite materials, buy tickets, and much more.

For calculations, the BTSG token has been released.

For those who want to invest in digital music, please visit the official site.

Then music will become a harmonious part of your life. It will fill your every new day with bright colors and emotions.

Website: https://bitsong.io/

Whitepaper: https://bitsong.io/docs/whitepaper_en.pdf

Bitcointalk Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2850943.0


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