Adoption of crypto-currency projects needs a lot of researches and series of things to consider. Crypto-currency Investors and traders of online products had lost huge amount of money and resources investing in a wrong project with no potential. Half of the newly launched projects were been abandoned. Many crypto-lovers and investors tend to get confuse when it comes to decision making on crypto-currency. Adoption of any crypto-currency project need things to be considered which includes: the team member in charge of the project, the developers and the use of the project. After considering all these mentioned above, I discovered that this project worth been reviewed for all online traders, community member and crypto lovers globally. Now follow me through the whole write-up and don’t miss a single line.


Ecommerce has been in existence since ages and there has been lots of success recorded in the world of ecommerce. Purchasing products and rendering services online has been made possible and easy through the introduction of blockchain technology. Buyers of online products now go about their purchase activities with ease and convenience. Lots of people are getting used to the idea of making purchases online which this is a welcome and good development for both the merchants and the buyers. There has been some improvement in the ecommerce sectors recently but despite the success recorded, there are still some things to put in place to bring improvement into the sector which this is why ALIGATO platform has set-up and identified all these lapses and are ready to bring a lasting solutions to it.

Some of the problems facing the ecommerce sectors involve the use of drones to make delivery of goods in which this hasn’t been much effective. The adoption of bots for delivery has been questioned by elite in the world due to lots of issues associated with the use of bots and drones to execute and making delivery. It has been noticed that the use of drones has been limited to delivery of light-weighted goods alone which this has make delivery of heavy good so difficult buyers and consumers of the good. These and many more issues is what ALIGATO project has come to rectified through the introduction of decentralized blockchain platform that’s brings more transparency, faster and secured online trading platform


ALIGATO has been developed to make purchase of online products easy and more convenient for all parties involved. The use of Bots and drones has been improved to bring more experience to the users of the platform. The use of blockchain technology has brought decentralization into the platform which this gives users more access and control over their chosen products in the platform. Before the introduction of blockchain technology, users of the centralized platform have recorded lots of irregularities as a result of lack of transparency and trust in the platforms. But now all thanks to ALIGATO for launching a decentralized blockchain platform that will eradicates all the problems facing the previous centralized platforms


Some other features of ALIGATOCOIN project includes: TRUSTED AI, SECURED & TRANSPARENT TRADING PLATFORM, INTRODUCTION OF PAY WITH YOUR EYES METHOD, ADOPTION OF INDEPENDENT DELIVERY, and CONVERSION OF CRYPTO TO FIAT. All these features mentioned above are what make ALIGATO project a unique project among others of its kind.


ALIGATO is the first decentralized platform that adopt the use of blockchain technology in ecommerce which this will bring a huge development and growth to ecommerce globally.

This is an ERC20 token that will be used in the platform to carry out series of activities. Such activities include payment fees for all forms of purchases and giving lot more incentives to holders of ALIGATO tokens


Total Supply => 100,000,000 ALC
Symbol => ALC
Token type => ERC20
Network => ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN network
Token price => 1 ALC = $0.5
Soft-cap => 1,000,000 ALC
Hard-cap => 70,000,000 ALC
ICO starts 30-07-2018
ICO ends 30-08-2018

70% of the total supply has been allocated to crowd-sales
8% Allocated to proof of stake
5% Allocated to Advisors
5% Allocated to Reserve
9% Allocated to team
3% Allocated to bounty


33% Allocated to Platform development
30% Allocated to Marketing
15% Allocated to IT infrastructure
9% Allocated to Team
8% Allocated to Proof of stake
5% Allocated to reserve




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