BlockChain — based Incentive Network

Huge percentage is being spent on insentivising actions from customers every year. Incentivities are given unreasonably with the lack of data and lack of understanding on RIO.

This have a very great effect on business and their revenues are affected. This leads to demands for more advertising to boost sales.

CENTIVE, a BlockChain-based Incentive network; building a business that is platform and adoption driven, catering to the needs of businesses and individuals. At its core, the Centive token’s utility is the key driver by building a blockchain-based incentive network that benefits value creators.

How does CENTIVE intend to do this.

  • Centive’s platform aims to reduce friction drastically from promotion (by businesses) to action (by consumers). As a business owner, you no longer have to worry about how to execute your marketing campaigns. Centive’s platform is easy to use and operate.
  • Centive’s easy-to-use platform, and the Centive token solves this problem - frictionless and cheap to transact. Businesses reduce costs drastically, without the need for banks and advertising agencies. This in turn generates savings, which can be passed down to their loyal customers.
  • Creating a supportive community between businesses and consumers, where they both get what they want - dictated by market forces, and creating positive impact on the community at the same time. Centive aims to create solutions such as “pay it forward”, “donate” or “tip” for businesses and consumers to both participate in community building.

Accumulation and spending of tokens within the ecosystem and platform, helps companies that only want to use Centive tokens for marketing activities, to manage their accumulation and spending so they end up holding zero tokens. This way, there are less risks of financial exposure as well as regulatory conundrums.

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To find out more about CENTIVE.

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Author: Fantazy999

Bitcointalk profile:;u=2362723

Eth Address: 0x740507eb37167b2615E4206116eFaF03bcD529A2


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