Capverto-Banking for the future

Capverto-Banking for the future

Capverto is an open source platform that can be developed to create applications that are linked to a chain. This allows you, your company or your government to build a private chain or special permit.

What does this mean for users?

CAPVERTO Exchange is an innovative financial platform that integrates banknotes and encryption areas. Its distinctive design revolves around CAPVERTO Tokens (CAP) and international prepaid cards, expanding digital revenue for the population, which is most often excluded from traditional banking. Thanks to the CAP utility token, it provides an intuitive and multi-faceted online banking experience.

                                       What problem?   

Our team conducted a survey and recorded over 2 billion people today without bank accounts, representing hundreds of billions of dollars in unused activities. and only in the United States, according to the estimates of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, 9 million (or 7 percent) of households in this country do not have bank accounts, and the remaining 24.5 million are non-bank. The World Bank estimates that the use of banking services is even lower outside the OECD high-income countries, reaching below 20 percent in the Middle East and North Africa.

Without access to the full range of banking services, those who do not have bank accounts and do not have bank accounts often use alternative sources, including microcredit networks, pawnshops, international money transfers and lenders to meet their financial needs, despite high interest rates, and limited overall flexibility from this option. The transfer of more consumers to the formal banking sector is a big problem with high rates, which requires an easy-to-use and sustainable solution for their service providers.

According to the federal government, those who do not have a bank account or only have limited access to them spend up to 5 percent of their salaries, and up to 3 percent of the benefits provided by their government send this fund. Reserve Bank of St. Petersburg Louis.



Prepaid Card Program

The prepaid card CAPVERTO is a bridge between banknotes and crypto-currencies. Each card holder receives several CAP utility tokens that match the level of the purchased card, starting at $ 100 for the base blue card. Like conventional payment cards, CAPVERTO cards can be used for shopping in stores and on the Internet, while up to 2 percent of each transaction is reinvested in CAP, which affects the value of the tokens. There is also a complete gift system, which allows you to receive direct discounts on affiliated vendors.

Borrowing and borrowing loans P2P

CAPVERTO Exchange is a safe and convenient platform for P2P transfer. Instead of just keeping the Crypto currency and hoping that it will be appreciated, individuals and organizations can provide up to half of the value to date of their assets and collect interest on it. The annual interest rate is 8 percent, and the amount is paid directly to the lender. Meanwhile, it is beneficial for borrowers not to depend solely on traditional financial institutions.

Card details:

Price 1 = 1.82 USD CAP
MVP / Prototype: Available
Operating System: Ethereum
Accepted: ETH
Soft cover: 1.125.000 CAP
Hardcover: 171.375.000 CAP
Country: Denmark
Whitelist / KYC: KYC & Whitelist


Token Distribution

Q4 / 2017
The concept is born.
Q1 / 2018
The concept is in development.
Q2 / 2018
Private sale of CAP Tokens.
Q3 / 2018
Public sale of CAP Tokens.
Q4 / 2018
Security and performance test. Launch of the official Capverto Platform.
Q1 / 2019
Launch of app to iPhone and Android.
Q2 / 2019
Launch of Whitelabel solution.
Q4 / 2019
Launch of Merchant payment solution.

Brief description of the project

CAPVERTO Exchange offers ICOs that focus on the absence of banking / non-bank accounts, guaranteeing them the opportunity to use the unique advantages of crypto currency. It combines the world of paper money and crypto-currencies by combining international prepaid card programs related to innovative banking and trading functions oriented to the CAP utility token. All the features of CAPVERTO Exchange affect the value of CAP, which means that the price is a reflection of production activity, not incomplete speculation. Assets in CAPVERTO Exchange can also be protected by crypto insurance.


ICO aimed at those who do not have banking services or inferior banking services, ensuring that they have the opportunity to take advantage of unique electronic money. Surrounding the world of fiat money and cryptocurrency by combining an international program of prepaid cards involving banking functions and creative trade as the CAP card's CAP. All features of CAPVERTO
This is a potentially interesting project.

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