How CINDX Will Revolutionise Crypto Trading

The last few years have seen thousands of people enter the cryptocurrency market, from complete novice to seasoned professional, everybody seems to want a piece of the bit-cake.

The trouble with cryptocurrency markets is that they are a wild, uncharted territory. Few people have the knowledge to successfully and consistently profit in the market (except for the super-pros & the holders) compared to the number of people with experience in traditional markets, which are much less rewarding.

Although it seems like the daily fluctuations can be a haven for day traders, people often find themselves working against the market and buying high, panic selling low, not because of complete inexperience, but because it’s a difficult market to crack.

So how do we get around this?

CINDX have a great solution that will allow anybody to invest in the crypto market and earn on-par with seasoned professionals.

How is this possible?

CINDX have created a platform that allows any investor, to choose an asset manager to manage their portfolio and securely trade their crypto funds, for a small commission.

…It’s basically the investment fund of the crypto world.

Traders can now refer to transparent and verifiable statistics as a way to choose their asset manager. Statistics include performance history, risk level, type of cryptocurrency traded, amongst many others, so investors can find the most suitable candidate to manage their assets.

This is almost like having your own trading bot that creates a passive income, except its a highly experienced professional, and they are working for you, to make you money.

Sounds great! But how do they do that?

The CINDX platform uses smart contracts, APIs and blockchain technology to make these features possible. Every single trade executed on the platform is recorded on the blockchain, making trade history transparent and easily verifiable. CINDX then ranks every manager based on their trading performance and statistics and makes this information available to investors.

When a user has chosen their manager, the APIs and smart contracts kick in. CINDX uses APIs as a “portal”, allowing the investors account to be managed by the chosen asset managers account. Then the smart contract automatically registers every trade made by the asset manager (on his own account, with his own funds) and then copies and executes the same trades on the investor’s account.

i.e.if the manager has a $10,000 account, the trader has a $1000 account and the manager buys and sells 10 Monero for a profit, the investor’s account will automatically buy and sell 1 Monero at the same rates, locking in the profit for the investor. The investor’s account will then automatically pay a small commission fee to the manager, and this process can be repeated until the investor or manager wants to stop.

As well as being a great way for investors to profit from the crypto market, it is also extremely valuable for asset managers, who can now have access to an unprecedented number of potential clients. Asset managers with a good rating and reputation on the platform will be able to attract more investors than is feasible outside of the platform, and CINDX will simplify the process so that the manager only has to be concerned with trading, and the investor only has to be concerned with choosing their manager. Everything after that is automated and fully secure.

Here are some use-case examples for CINDX.

CINDX for Traders

Joe has just started trading cryptocurrencies, he has $1000 to invest and wants to make a passive income through trading. Instead of risking his money by trading himself, he can now search through a list of world-class managers, browse through their performance history, and allow them to trade for him. Joe can review his account at any time to see if he is happy with his earnings and can then either continue his partnership with that asset manager or choose a new one. Now he doesn’t have to take the time to learn software and analytical tools and instead, can spend his time as he pleases, while still earning a passive income through crypto trading.

CINDX for Managers

Michael has been doing very well trading cryptocurrencies the last few years. His portfolio has increased significantly and he is earning a regular income through his trading. He would like to get come clients to trade for but most investors know about the “anonymity” of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so are uncomfortable with parting with their assets and would rather not bother with the hassle. They also have no way to be certain that the Michaels performance is as good as he says it is.

Now Michael can just create an account on CINDX to trade with. Anybody can instantly see his verifiable trade history, see how much Michael has been earning, and decide to let him trade on their behalf because they also know that it is impossible for Michael to withdraw any of their funds. As Michael continues to perform well, more and more people start to follow his account and he can now pursue his trading career while making extra commissions for every successful trade he executes.

CINDX for Software Vendors

Another innovation that CINDX has fronted, is in the ecosystem that they have created for Vendors, Managers and Investors. By designing an in-platform marketplace for trading and analytical software, they are cultivating a competitive environment for vendors to make the best possible trading tools, and for managers to use the best trading tools, in the best way, for their investors. All of this competition is aimed towards providing the most profit for investors and this should make CINDX a world hub for high-quality asset managers.

This is an absolutely remarkable way to trade and should attract a huge number of investors into the market that may have had reservations towards cryptocurrency trading. It will allow anybody to profit from crypto, without the need for skill or knowledge in the field, and will help to pave the way towards truly automated finances.

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