Moolyacoin - The currency for the Moolya ecosystem


  1. What is Moolya?
    "" is the 'world's first comprehensive global digital ecosystem of startups', which is the pinnacle of an interactive network, market and service platform required by the community. ecological start-up. It includes 6 important communities: Organizations, Ideators, Startups, Investors, Companies, Service Providers and other participants.

Moolya uses the test-time concepts of clusters, chapters and chapters, digital offices, service cards, representations, business processes, and workflows to simulate offline models of ecological start-up.

Sign up for '' to experience the patent pending SaaS platform for eco-lead, allowing users to find infinite possibilities as they converge, explore, collaborate. , execution, transactions and services on the platform.

  1. Features of Moolya:
    Moolya uses time concepts of clusters, chapters and chapters, digital offices, service cards, avatars, business processes, and workflows to simulate offline models of the ecosystem. motion. Trust. Some of our main features are:

All 6 communities - Together!
LIVE's first comprehensive digital platform for convergence, collaboration, transactional, commercial and multi-boot support.
Online trading B2C, C2C, B2B
Moolya brings ease of service to users through the innovative use of 'Service-Cards' and the Digital Office can be used by other users and paid in moolya.
Related global
'' uses the intuitive user refinement module, local awareness and community business rules, managed by select global creators such as anchors, advisers, mentors , expert, captain and partner

  1. Advisory team
    molia 2.jpg
    Mooly's senior team is at the core of the idea. Each member is a result focused on enthusiasts specializing in business, technology and a variety of areas, expressing "never say" spirit, passion, innovation and fun. These high-profile members express the strong characteristics of the founding spirit - the insurrection task, the obsessive mind and the mind of the owner in every action that expresses a strong sense of responsibility. colleagues, stakeholders, products and their decisions.

Together, they present critical masses to think, cherish, implement, and allow entrepreneurial start-ups, while seamlessly integrating business and technology. In the opinion of the founder, the synergy of talent and experience will bring us the joy to continue.

  1. Token:
    Icon: MOOLYA
    Platform: Ethereum
    Type: Erc20
  2. Global Partners

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