Neluns is a new financial ecosystem that aims at solving the problems associated with the digital currency market and the financial industry at large. The current financial industry does not support the incorporation of cryptocurrencies hence there is like a rift between cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies and this is one of the issues the Neluns project is going to address. Neluns would create a financial ecosystem that can successfully incorporate both cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies; I can just imagine the revolutionary changes the Neluns project would bring to cryptocurrency world. Imagine a project that has various functions including a bank that supports Fiat and cryptocurrencies, a digital currency exchange (both cryptocurrency and Fiat), and even an insurance agency; it would definitely come with a whole lot of benefits.

The Neluns project is built on the goal of making cryptocurrencies available for day-to-day transactions just like Fiat currencies. This project actually goes the extra mile to give users added benefits when comparing and contrasting it with other existing blockchain projects. The Neluns platform comprises of three connected components, each having its own unique functions as well as an interconnected function.

  • Neluns Bank: The Neluns bank makes it possible for users within the Neluns platform to make use of and enjoy the normal banking benefits, only this time it is not just limited to Fiat currencies but extended to cryptocurrencies as well and the Neluns bank is the first bank ever to comply with all regulations as per the financial system while making it possible for both Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies to be incorporated.

-Neluns Exchange: The Neluns exchange is one that is controlled by the US Securities and Exchange Commission License. This exchange is ultimately focused on addressing the issues and limitations associated with current cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

-Neluns Insurance Company: Just like the traditional financial service, the Neluns Insurance Company provides effective and efficient insurance service and the good thing about this is that the services are in both Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the Neluns Platform, users get to transact and exchange digital assets whenever they want to with really high levels of liquidity and not only that, users get to transact without the fear of being hacked like in most cases that we have had in the past with the existing crypto exchange platforms. The Neluns platform poses a lot of benefits for users one of which is really common with the financial sector these days and that is the issue of loans; the financial system presently make it really difficult for people to get loan and apart from that, there is no system that supports the issuance of loans in cryptocurrency but that is about to change courtesy of the Neluns platform. Users within the Neluns ecosystem would have access to loans in Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Users would easily be able to exchange both cryptocurrency and Fiat currency and even make any withdrawal from any part of the world at any time and trading is enabled for cryptocurrencies as well as Fiat currencies.

JAN 2019
-Obtaining a license for Neluns Bank.
-Launch of a payment service for converting cryptocurrencies and executing the transfer of funds to any part of the world.
-Connecting Neluns Bank to Swift.
-Start of Visa, Mastercard, American express bankcard issuance.
FEB 2019
-Obtaining a CFTC license and launching the Neluns exchange- an innovative cryptocurrency exchange.
APRIL 2019
-Launch of the full-fledged Neluns ecosystem.
APRIL 2020
-IPO(initial public offering) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Token Details.
Token symbol is NLS, an ERC20 token standard with a total token supply of 200,000,000 NLS from which 80% is allocated to the ICO, 12% is allocated to the team, 5% is allocated to the bounty campaign and 3% is allocated to the advisors. The hardcap is set at $112,000,000.

The funds generated from the tokensale would be allocated as follows:
80% is allocated to the ecosystem development, 10% is allocated to marketing, 7% is set aside as reserve fund and 3% is allocated to personnel salaries.

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