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Project Overview

Wow, this is awesome, this is truly a bomb to the Banking Industry; let’s welcome a platform that utilizes blockchain technology in decentralizing and democratizing the banking sector. Indeed information is power and if you really want be the relevant in any place of the society, and any other field, then you need information to stand out and be steps ahead of others. So many people have lost millions of money investing in the cryptocurrency simply because they good information of the projects they invested in. It's worthy to note that crypto investments which are online investments based on the blockchain technology are very much profitable, but without the proper knowledge, things can go the other way round. After a thorough study on the issues bothering the exchange markets today, and going through the materials of most exchange platforms, we very confident to present to you one of finest crypto-Banking project- Platio

Platio is the all-in-one smart banking platform for crypto, fiat, and stock assets that is supported by EOS blockchain technology, this platform will offer users a safe and convenient way to manage transactions between traditional and digital finance.

Banks are where valuables especially money are kept either for security or safety purpose. In the world today, the banking sector has proven to be one of the most lucrative, busy and most popular industries. The advantages of bank cannot be over emphasis in the article, as it is true that almost every adult across the globe has and manages a bank account. Business transactions these days are carried out with ATM transfers or online banking.

Though banking sector across the world being a critical sector has improved in so many ways, especially from analog system to digital system of record keeping. But one thing that is said to be constant is “change”. The world and everything in it is fast changing (technology inclusive), in the same way, our approach and system of doing things need to change too for effective output. This is why World Bit Bank Project is here, this project if implemented in the existing financial system, will enable each person to become an active participant in the new financial world.

Despite the advancement of technology in most financial institutions in today’s world with mindset of removing the prevailing barriers in the payment/transaction system, lot of issue affecting the system is unfortunately still yet unsolved. The upgrade of these financial institutions to the use of payment tools like, credit cards, online transfer system still have not given an efficient and convincing answer to the question of insecurity of the systems and time management, completing a single transaction takes very long –say 1to 3 days. Moreover, there are still transaction fees attached to these tools.

Nowadays, banks like Norway’s largest bank, Skandiabanken, have begun implementing its plans to let customers view their Bitcoin balance in their bank accounts (Peres). This example demonstrates the fact that banks are trying to adapt to the inevitable change currently being influenced by the blockchain.

Platio solves these problems with easy access to the Platio Ecosystem, using tokenization of assets based on EOS technology, and supporting the three types of assets: crypto, fiat and stocks. As state earlier, Platio project will weigh the advantages between traditional and digital (cryptocurrency) and merge them together to easy of doing business to all people.

The platform built on EOS technology, will ensure that that customers don’t worry for volatility, insecurity, also, the technology will allow all users and private businesses to safely take part in a new tokenize economy. Here users can carry out their transactions in crypto through the use of SEPA/SWIFT and debit cards. Everyone in Platio platform will enjoy all that EOS Blockchain offers which includes carrying out multiples of transactions at the same time and within the shortest time interval unlike other blockchain technology (e.g Etherum Blockchain). Therefore, with the EOS smart contract crypto, fiat or stocks can be sent to the seller of a product or service only after parameters of the deal are met and the buyer actually receives the promised product or service.

According to Platio’s CEO, Dima Okhrimchuk, Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem is set to increase confidence in crypto as an asset and drive its global adoption by taking the best features from both crypto and fiat financial systems.

Token/ICO Details

PGAS is an ERC-20 utility token that is used for transactions in the platform.

Use cases of PGAS:

· Payment of commissions and fees

· Payment for registration

PGAS will generate revenue for Platio as any transaction made will generate transaction revenue or registered revenue.

Project Roadmap


Platio platform is initiated and backed with professionals with unquestionable wealth of experiences. Our team believes in the disruptive power of technology and understands that most existing cryptocurrencies are great for techies but complex for common users; as such, brings strength and credibility to the project. So with them on the Platio project wheel, you can be rest assured that your investment is in the right platform.

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