Introduction In this article, I will provide information as well as invite you to discuss with an ongoing ICO project with a very convincing product, Karatcoin. Before heading to the discussion we all agree that blockchain technology still needs efforts that encourage mass adoption if you want to continue to survive and continue to grow. Conclusion

Karatcoin Is Smart and **Decentralized **Karatcoin Tokenizes Gold Certificates!

Karatcoin offers a platform with services for trading gold certificates, trading Karatcoin tokens, as well as saving and exchanging currencies using a gold card.Karatcoin platform, all investors have the opportunity to find the best golden opportunity to invest, trade and transact without having to worry about fraud or something that is technically harmful. The simple logic is that the more funds spent to fund the gold mine, the more gold mining products will be obtained and continue to accumulate well.

Regarding gold mines which will be given additional capital by Karatcoin ,you don't need to worry because they have passed the selection process carried out by the experts included in the Karatcoin team itself and without third party interference. From here it shows Karatcoin's commitment to protect investors so that the Karatcoin project continues to grow and develop. karatcoin platform.jpg If the above can be done, a new type of human economy that will focus on decentralized financial services will be created and it can be ascertained that investment in it will be more stable and aggressive even though we know that market conditions are always volatile. This can be ascertained because one of the products that is the focus of Karatcoin is gold, which is indeed a commodity that is resistant to inflation and becomes a benchmark in world finance.

** What are the benefits of Karatcoin compared to competing projects? **

There is no geographical limit After the gold turns into a gold token (KCG), you can redeem it into physical money or gold bars through withdrawal of smart contracts anytime, without geographical restrictions. Save physical gold You can safely store physical gold assets in a safe. Each KCG (Gold Token) represents 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA standard gold which is kept safe in Safehouse Vaults, which means gold is safe from political influence and its value will increase over time. DPoS Consensus The Karatcoin Blockchain uses the Proof of Stake (DPoS) delegation consensus mechanism which is the fastest, most efficient, decentralized, and most flexible consensus model. This delegation was assigned to run the network and was rewarded with block prizes. In addition, costs will be used as returns for stakeholders, not miners. With block time of 10 seconds, the Karatcoin network will be one of the fastest networks in the industry. Supported by real assets Karatcoin is more stable than other cryptocurrency because it is indirectly related to real assets, namely gold, with blockchain owned. Get fixed income Karatcoin offers a safe investment product that is a gold certificate. The gold certificate gives you a coupon every six months with interest of up to 6%.


KCG (GOLD Token) is the token used in the Karat Blockchain.

  1. It represents 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA standard gold secured in Safehouse Vaults, which means the gold is safe from political influence and will preserve and increase its value over time.
  2. Cost and buyback are 100% based on LBMA price of gold.
  3. Backed by fully allocated gold bullion in vaults.
  4. Gold documents are publicly available for verification.
  5. Redeemable at any time through the Withdrawal Smart Contract.
  6. 100% Withdrawal to FIAT or to physical bullion gold.


Gold Cards are wallets containing our gold products, which will be available in the Karatcoin Marketplace.

  1. The physical gold asset is safely stored in a protected area (Vault).
  2. Gold Asset Card refers to the allocated asset.
  3. All Gold Card Certificates are held in a Cold Storage Wallet.

Karatcoin seamlessly synthesizes trust, stability, and anti-inflation storage from the value that gold has been giving for thousands of years with the speed, liquidity and technological innovation provided by crypto assets.

It's somewhat hard to see how Karatcoin functions. The English interpretation of the site and whitepaper include some bizarre sentences and vague terms.

The whitepaper, for instance, says that the organization will put resources into genuine gold mines in South America and Africa. Be that as it may, it's hazy how these ventures will function, or what sorts of profits speculators can anticipate.

The stage is being developed by an organization called Dreammy. Dreammy's center item is a music sharing stage – so it's misty why they've all of a sudden chosen to begin putting resources into gold mines around the world. The organization likewise works a veggie lover formula site. Generally, it's vague how an organization that works in a music sharing stage intends to command the worldwide gold mining industry.


Karatcoin has an experienced team in areas such as electronic money, distributed computing systems, mobile technology and large scale consumer application development that have built many award-winning applications. With enthusiasm and enthusiasm, they are ready to make this project a reality.

Readers interested in this project can learn more about the project by:


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For more info, visit website and read the whitepaper.


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