TRECENTO - All In One Blockchain Investment Solution

What is Trecento ?

Trecento Blockchain Capital is an all-in-one investment solution offering services in terms of expertise and tools centered on blockchain technology. The main objective of the platform is to capture the best investment opportunities by use of blockchain technology through offering its investors with a simple and trustworthy investment platform.The platform seeks to solve the problems of high levels of complexities in the market, lack of transparency in operations, and lack of clear regulatory framework by offering a 360-degree investment approach. This will ensure that users can easily generate returns and at the same time mitigate the risk exposure of the investments. Investors are provided with a straightforward and well performing investment solution all offered in a safe and well regulated environment

What they're trying to do

The target of Trecento is to catch the best business openings offered by the blockchain technology through a 360-degree investment approach. The point is to give both the institutional and individual investors with a straight-forward and performing investment arrangement relying on the 4 investment funds.

How does Trecento work?

Investors register on the online platform of Trecento Blockchain Capital and then execute the procedures of KYC. Then the investor adds his personal ETH-addresses and then fills in the questionnaire on the risk profile for investors. Investors then read, accept and sign an online intellectual mandate. After checking everything is included in the whitelist. Then investors can send their money to a reasonable contract, under which they can order a ransom at any time when they want.The platform marker, called the Trecento marker (TOT), is a marker that is compatible with the ERC20. Owners of tokens will receive discounts for the execution and management of their fees, as well as receive news, information, and analysis of the market in the blockchain industry. The DAO and voting system allows investors and users to present investment ideas for the platform.

Trecento Blockchain Capital Funds

The platform contains four thematic funds that cover the full investment cycle as used by blockchain companies. The funds include:

ICO Fund - This fund offers investments in the innovative companies that raise funds during the company’s private sale or during upstream.

Fund of Funds - Users can be involved in investment in specialized funds that are very active in cryptocurrencies and in blockchain companies.

Crypto-trading Fund - This fund allows the users of the platform to trade in cryptocurrencies and in digital assets.

Venture Capital Fund - This fund provides users with equity investment opportunities in startups that deal with the development of disruptive blockchain solutions.


Fund Management

The management of the funds is by using smart contracts to directly collect funds from investors and automatically distribute the shares of the funds. The redemption of the money of the investors from the funds is equally by using smart contract technology. There is also real time calculation of the Net Asset Value, which is recorded and saved twice a day on blockchain. All reports are also registered on blockchain making them permanently accessible and highly transparent.


Benifits of Trecento Blockchain Capital

360-investment strategy: The platform offers a 360-investment approach that allows the investors of the platform to get returns quickly while eliminating risks.

Transparency: The use of blockchain technology ensures that the information on all transactions done on the platform is secure and can easily be accessed by everyone involved.

Multi Skilled Team: The platform involves a team that is multi skilled on digital investments based on blockchain technology. Users of the platform are assured of truthful and reliable service at all times.

Token details


Token symbol: TOT

Token sale date: June 1 – November 30 2018

Accepted payment method: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, FIAT

Soft cap: 5,000,000 Euro

Hard cap: 20,000,000 Euro



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