MEDIA Protocol is a new ERA of content.

Keeping up with the times we understand the importance of the newest technologies in the world, which have brought some changes to our lives.

Wherever a person is, there are advertisements and posters everywhere, which offer a link to the social network or to the advertiser's website.

In public places, such as libraries or Internet cafes, there are computers that have access to the Internet, and there is a wireless Wi-Fi network.

Every computer has access to this network.

On these bases, we can say that people are in the worldwide system of integrated computer networks almost everywhere and always.

Fans of various media and entertainment do not gain a benefit from spending their time on the Internet.

 Thanks to MEDIA Protocol, it is possible to make money while reading, viewing and sharing content.

The Medium protocol has developed a platform on which all registered users have the benefit.

The media protocol has unlimited opportunities of equitable and transparent relationships for brands, publishers, distributors and consumers.

The main advantages of trade marks and publishers are shown in this picture.

MEDIA Protocol has many advantages because the platform works with Blockchain technology. One of these vantages is a decentralized blockchain system that has full clarity in the relationship between users, making it impossible for any fraud.

In this project, there are applications for the Crypto community, which exists on Ethereum testnet. Moreover, you can find many other benefits on the official website.

The ground of the MEDIA Protocol is a smart contract that provides transfers of fees through the ERC20. In addition, it allows you to exchange jettons with other ethrium tokens and Fiat money.

Brands create Smart Blockchain wallets that contain URLs for promotion, as well as tokens that can be distributed among consumers.

Companies or trademarks want to advance their content or information, and readers, in turn, want to receive a cash reward for viewing and advertising this product on social networks.

We can say, that MEDIA Protocol is really the “New ERA of Content”. The fact that the platform works on Blockchain technology, confirms the seriousness of the project.

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