Bounty Hunters

Bountyhunters is an automatic platform to conduct about marketing to ICO companies. The platform is made and based on a distributed data registry. The mission and the main goal of the platform is to help get an effective start  ICO projects and already to existing companies raising awareness of their own brand in the market and increase in the number of significant mentions in social networks and marketing, different channels and blogs.
The main key objective of the platform is to increase the efficiency of the project by reduce time and financial costs Facilitate interaction between ICO companies and active participants of social networks by automating these business processes related to creation of marketing campaigns, their management, analysis, and selection, participation and orientation of active participants, as well as competent and correct organization distribution of payments (in currency, Token, cryptocurrency) in accordance with the actions performed. The company's goal is to create a safe and transparent the environment in the marketing arena. This will benefit companies and owners profiles in social networks, getting the opportunity monetize your own subscribers and readers receiving more interesting content.

Key system modules

Analytical module-analyzes the information obtained in the analysis of data. The module consists of several own models, each of which performs the calculation of conversions, ranking, and prediction parameters.
Data analysis module for social networks-provides data as parsing from user and investor accounts, as well as third-party accounts platforms (websites, blogs, etc.). To calculate the rating module-makes a weekly calculation quality indicators in social networks and completed tasks and their the proper implementation of the objectives of the campaign.
Function module - performs an automatic check of the work done and distributes the tasks of users for additional manual inspection of those who has a high popularity.
Transaction module-a module based on triggers (works if executed conditions prescribed in the smart contract) interact with the smart contract, provides payment and transfer of funds.
Messaging module - provides instant communication in the system between mentors and masters.

Designated model

Technologically, the project is a hybrid model built using traditional tools (relational databases, etc.) and locking technologies that integrated with each other to provide ease of use, greater speed of internal transactions and more secure data storage.

One of the key advantages of using blockchain technology in the framework of project:

Ease of financial transactions on the platform. No need to sign additional regulatory documents for each contractor. In particular, the interaction of different contractors from different geographical regions with different legal and legislative frameworks).
Reduction Commission on currency conversion and transactions during (especially in the case of multiple microtransactions).
Secure storage of digital assets (of high value - data, funds, etc.).
The ability to scale the system to millions of users. However, taking into account the experience of developing own
blockchain project and experience of other industry representatives, we are aware of the shortcomings and limitations of the existing blockade decisions and protocols. For example, using the popular blockchain platform
Ethereum clearly limits the project in achieving high transaction volumes because Ethereum can only provide up to 20 transactions per second.

Another important issue is the introduction of micro-payments.

Additional benefits of the Graphene
- a reliable and flexible Protocol consensus - DPoS - delegated proof of the bet.
- Dynamic allocation of rights to existing accounts- (Dynamic account Permissions) - allows you to distribute access to accounts; improves security media and data storage layer, what is especially important when working with corporate clients.
- Referral program built into the Protocol allows you to increase motivation using the system and the motivation of the token ownership to third-party users.
- Periodic and scheduled payments and integration of flexible settings and permission to withdraw.
This is especially important the scope of our platform as payment distribution and infusions are performed at specified time intervals or after reaching certain conditions (indicators, indicators).

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