Основная сетевая Платформа IOS все еще не активирована из-за отсутствия токенов

How many EOS tokens do I need to activate the MainNet platform? At the moment, you need 15 percent of the total amount of tokens. The platform has been designed in such a way that this number of tokens is needed to vote for block manufacturer candidates.

EOS MainNet was technically launched on June 10, 8 days after the release of EOSIO v1.0 Block.one. However, the necessary mark of 15% of the tokens was not reached, and more precisely, it is 150 million tokens. At the moment, the number of registered tokens is EOSAuthority.com reached 67.65 million EOS. This is 6.76% of the total, and 45.1% of the required minimum.

Progress there is

According to yesterday's report, the increase amounted to 18 million tokens in one day. If this increase continues, the required percentage of the total will be achieved in less than 5 days.

At the moment, theories are being put forward as to why there was no rapid surge from the very beginning. The first one says that some users can't understand the system itself and are afraid of revealing their private keys. However, the official website has already published a video that tells about all the subtleties. The second reason is the psychological barrier. Some simply wait for the moment when more participants will be gathered to be more sure.

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