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What do we usually do when we need money? We go to the bank and apply for a loan, where bank suggests us to take money at a big interest rate. If we decide to invest money to a bank so to have an income, then a bank suggests us a very low interest rate. A bank is a mediator in the both cases and earns a lot of money. But we can’t say so about the borrowers and the investors, who use bank services. When we go to a bank, we don’t have even half information of what actions are done with our money.

We live in a progressive time, when we get the opportunity to know about all the actions which are done with our money instead of ignorance and disability to control our money

All people know how the financial system changes and how quickly the electronic money comes into our life. That is due to cryptocurrencies are accepted by people. That is why the cryptocurrency banks will come instead of the habitual banks. The talk below will be exactly about that.

ABLE is a financial platform, which provides services of exchange and asset management. The project carries out the functions of a bank, but on the base of cryptocurrencies.  Simply put, ABLE is a decentralized bank, based on the block chain technology.  ABLE gives the borrowers and the investors the opportunity to work without any moderators. The service will be realized through smart-contacts. That will reduce the financial risks.

The aim of ABLE is the extirpation of the problems which take place in the whole banking sphere nowadays. Speaking more in details the problems with crediting, account opening and so on will be solved. But the most important goal is the clarity, reliability and maximum security of your assets with the help of blockchain technology.

Also ABLE developed an attachment with the same name, with help of which the users could use all the financial instruments. This attachment can be used in both variants: web-interface and mobile one.

At the end we’d like to mark the professionalism of the team, which achieves all the goals with great success. We can notice it looking on their road map. 

The fact that this project will have a success is out the question. This conclusion can be made by looking at the list of the famous sponsors and partners. I suppose that this project is very perspective and is worthy of attention.

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