A new era for music.

In Russian folklore there is such a proverb “Music helps us to build and to live”. I think that everyone will agree with that. 

Scientists have proved that our brain perceives music in both hemispheresat the same time: the left feels the rhythm, and the right - the timbre and melody. 

Music is used even in medicine - music therapy, put in practice for emotional and physical healing. 

In different situations, we want to listen to different music, because the human body has the propertyto adapt to it. The brain tells us what kind of music we need at certain moments. 

However, in order that we could enjoy listening to our favorite melodies, all the songs “pass” a long and hard way. Very often,some beautiful works never reach the listener due to the lack of author's funds. 

In our time, it is not so easy for creators to “promote” their compositions to the masses. This is very expensive, because you need to finance all intermediaries. 

The new musical project BitSong will help to solve this problem. It is built on the blockchain platform using Ethereum and HMO (distributed computing technology). 

BitSong platform will be provided in all applications of official catalogs (such as PlayMarket) and it can be installed on any device equipped with Chromecast. 

Everyone who will register on the BitSong platform will have a profit. 

The author, registering on the BitSong content, creates a personal page where he publishes his own works for his fans. 

Placing songs on your own, you do not need to spend money on intermediaries.You get money on advertising and on the loyalty of your admirers. 

Advertisers, in their turns, placing their advertisements without intermediaries, avoid large organizational costs. They create their own page for the publication of advertising immediately for viewing by consumers. Moreover, coordinating with the authors, advertisers attach some publications to their account. 

As for listeners, they will earn for listening and viewing ads. 

The BitSong platform will be available in any gadget, in a personal computer (via a web interface) and in car recorders supporting smart radio (Hi-Fi). 

For all payments and transactions on the platform, consumers will use BTSG tokens. All payments and rewards will be transparent and secure, as BitSong operates through blockchain technology.  


The goal of the BitSong platform is to overcome all economic and bureaucratic difficulties in the music field.

More information on official sites: 

Website: https://bitsong.io 

Whitepaper: https://bitsong.io/docs/whitepaper_en.pdf 

Bitcoin Forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2850943.0

My name on Bitcointalk: Zayka80

My profile on Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1970107 

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