MEDIA Protocol is a unique platform.

In our century, there was a huge leap in the trade and economic sphere. People sell everything (in the literal sense of the word) - not only various goods, but also various services.

Online trading is especially popular now

Sometimes ago all known to usbrands were start-up companies whichwent the hard way and spent a lot of money on various advertisements to achieve success.

 To support their popularity, they advertise themselves everywhere: on television, in printed materials, on various Internet sites, etc.

 However, not only brands need advertising, it is also necessary for Mass media: various prints, TV channels and Internet sites.  

The creators of MEDIA Protocol offer mutually beneficial conditions for those, who have registered there.

Any media or trademark can buy MEDIA Protocol tokens, create their own SmartWallets and open a personal website to interact and communicate with different customers directly. 


Not only well-known brands and publications can be registered on the MEDIA platform; ordinary people (consumers) and companies that start their work and need content for marketing purposescan join as well.

Companies will encourage their actual and potential users with acquired tokens for viewing, reading and sharing their data.

In order to receive rewards, the consumer must fulfill certain conditions, whichare discussedbefore registration. 

Website creatorsdefine the amount of payment for each of their requirements, as well as the conditions of paymentsat their discretion. Nevertheless, it must be a fixed percentage of the total amount of tokens acquired by the company.

The amount and terms of profit have three different factors: the type of action performed, the time for it to be completed and the number of people declared.

It is very important to emphasize one point: the blockchain technology implies full transparency of all actions among content creators and consumers.Therefore, any kind of fraud from the both sides is excluded. 

Creators will transfer earned MEDIA markers to the smart wallets of consumers. After all, they can be spent on anything.

Using the DAPP application (a decentralized application with a high level of protection based on blockchain), you can access paid articles or pay a subscription.

In addition, through ERC20 (token standard based on Ethereum ETN) it is possible to exchange MEDIA tokens for other Ethereum tokens or for any currency. 


MEDIA Protocol is a very extensive and interesting platform.

More details can be found on the official website.



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