Zero Carbon is a clean planet

In recent years, more and more often we hear such expression as “global warming” and we don’t need to be scientists to understand what it means. 

We have already experienced quite a lot of consequences of this phenomenon. All the anomalous of the "behavior" of our nature are the consequences.

The winters in the last few years are not as frosty and snowy as before, but in warm spring, when the gardens are blooming, snow may suddenly fall. 

In some countries where people have never seen winters, snow falls. In others, due to abnormal heat, all living things die from fires. 

For many years, scientists have watched the climate on our planet, fixed everything documented and as a result found that the weather on Earth began to change with great speed. 

People destroy absolutely everything around them. They build factories, high-rise buildings, asphalt roads, a great number of high-voltage pillars. At the same time, they litter everything with huge rubbish dumps.  

The number of enterprises of heavy industry, oil and gas processing companies, incinerators, etc. are growing. As the result, our air becomes unsuitable for living. 

Such an intense change of environment causes a danger to all mankind. After all, people cannot live without our amazing nature. But, it will cope perfectly well without a man! Environmentalists around the world pay great attention to this problem. 

In order to prevent a global catastrophe and to rub through as quickly as possible the period of climate change occurring due to the vital activity of mankind, the population is trying to improve the condition of our land. 

A large number of trees (even in cities) are landed, energy-saving devices are used and even waste products are recycled.  

It is also necessary to reduce emissions into the atmosphere, to use more rationally environmental technologies and energy sources that can be renewed. 

Solving the problem of using renewable sources is not very effective. It is expensive, slow, and simply too expensive for many companies. 

It is not effective because solar panels and wind turbines also produce harmful emissions! The Zero Carbon project offers an excellent solution to this global problem.  

This project was created on the blockchain platform, which gives us confidence in its seriousness and safety. ZeroCarbon offers two kinds of solutions. 

The first is the “Zero Carbon Market”, which works on the basis of tenders. 

This one (registered) manufacturer wins, who will offer a lower price to the consumer who decides to use clean energy, produced without emissions. 

At the end, the provider can earn a good profit on a large number of orders.  

The second way is Zero Carbon tokens, by which the company rewards customers for purchasing zero energy through the Zero market. 

Suppliers and buyers should use these tokens for transactions within a project. Tokens can be sold to other suppliers and consumers who have joined the market, as well as on crypto-exchanges at a price set by the company.  

A smart contract has been established on the blockchain platform to control the flow and use of tokens, so all operations are secure and transparent. 

This is a very interesting and extensive project. 

I propose you to learn more about it on the official sites. 


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