What I Plan On Doing With My Golos Money

I made a post like this on Steemit around the time I joined. Here is a revised version for Golos.

~Photo is from Pixabay
one thing is to help support my folks. Since we are struggling, and always run out of food towards the end of the month. Don't wanna go fully into detail about my money issues. But this extra income can be a huge help. Since I cannot get a job, this could be my job in a few months.
YouTube Equipment, if I wanna be serious about YouTube, I need better equipment like a better computer for gaming. I feel left out I cannot play the latest games because my computer is crap. Check out my gaming channel btw
Funding my blogging/art, I would like to get into blogging, I have a Wordpress blog and have to pay for a business upgrade to monetize. I like having back up plans, so if one fails, I am not completely screwed. I am into cosplay and the money can go towards funding cosplays. Like upgrading my Undertale Chara cosplay

Traveling, I need a get away from time to time. There are places I wanna visit, and I can put into traveling.

Treating myself. I wanna treat myself, from eating out, going to a movie, just having some fun! I am a huge Undertale fan and I wanna a Temmie Plushie so very badly! I can decorate my room. I do not live in a good environment and it caused me to relapse in my mental health. I can even move out and be on my own. I may take in a roommate. I get lonely.
Lastly, moving on out! I wanna leave the nest.

These are the things I plan on using my Weku money for. I know the trading is far away. I'm a bit impatient. But I am hoping the devs add where you can just send your WD to Steemit for SBD/Steem and this can help users who lost their luck with earning money/new users.

have a nice day/night
used the weku tag since the blog is about my plans on the site and the hopes when trading is out
money tag since I talk about my spending. Just wanna clear it up

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