Golos is now #5 crypto currency in terms of TRANSACTIONS, number 5 MOST used cryptocurrency & has the HIGHEST Activity Valuation Index

Golos Blockchain #5 in terms of ACTUAL usage from https://blocktivity.info AND Golos has the Highest Activity Valuation Index

Look at that, Golos has more transactions than Litecoin, Bitrcoin Cash, Zcash, Dash, Monero and Dogecoin, and that makes golos more valuable than any of those chains in my opinion. Golos just needs private transactions, zksnarks for NEXT Golos Hardfork would give Golos something steem doesn't have! But that's irrelevant right now, what we should do is CELEBRATE this UNKNOWN fact about GOLOS and its #5 blockchain activity position on Blocktivity

Here is an animation from Paul Robertson, more GIFs from him here on my steemit post here https://steemit.com/art/@ackza/while-commenting-on-rok-sivante-i-found-some-amazing-pixel-art-animations-by-paul-robertson-i-want-to-commission-steem-pixel-art

Anyway I want to start posting and buying more Golos Power, I will power up with all my rewards or do some giveaways but I need to keep posting on Steem about Golos, Golos is FULL of potential!

There are HALF as many Golos as Steem, and steem is almost $3 so Golos could be $6 :D

(Thanks so much to @elgeko for custom signature come find him on http://steemit.com/@elgeko )

Foo Foo

If you have questions about bitcoin steemit crypto or making money mining or marketing, feel free to email me zackza@gmail.com or text 619 500 3748 and....

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I want to simply help Russian Ukrainian Central Asian and Post Soviet Peoples make Money and have internet Freedom. Golos for the East, Steemit for the West

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