Oh Boy! Here I go Powering Up Golospower again! I just bought 790 Golos and powered it up! Now I have over 3,000 Golos Power and I will never powerdown, I will only

I just bought 790 more Golos and I powered up to now have over 3000 Golos Power!

I see SO MUCH potential on Golos now that @coinbank is taking charge of a LOT of leadership roles that no one was occupying before! The information about these coming changes and Buy Out of Golos Blockchain can be found on steemspeak.com and more importantly, the Golos Rising Discord chat (Which you can find from Steemspeak.com chat ) We will teach you all about important people like @pravda who is now becoming a VERY important nexus point for the Business people and Human Resource professionals who want to NETWORK with each other! Come to her and the steemspeak.com chat and Golos Rising chat and we will find work for you depending on your skills.... we can always upvote your Golos Posts IF you have proof that you brought people to Golos as users or investors, or if you are able to create a new front end with real use .. if you can help improve Golos you WILL get an upvote with good money behind it! Also @kotturinn works very closely with steemit inc's decentralized user base and will become a gateway for Russian speaking golos users to communicate with the Steem blockchain whales and dolphins. She is a Steem Dolphin and she speaks English and Russian (like @pravda ) so she will also be a very important Bridge between east and west

Oh Boy! Here I go Powering up Golos Again!

So I want to thank the people at Golos and @goldvoice for really tryingtheir best to move forward and get us a working front end

We should just al work harder to BRING MORE PEOPLE to golos! We barely have 100 active users everyday... we hace NO ONE and we can CHANGE that! First we must politely ask this @robot account to stop the GOSSIP!

we dont need to know when someone has followedd or unfolowed, it is just gossip bot!

If we cannot ask him to remove it maybe we can filter it ouyt? Mute it ourselves? Oh well I guess we can just MUTE the account but see we should actually work to make Golos better NOT do things like spam the wallet!

@robot account should stop spamming the wallet it is too much! and it will run out iof Money one day when 0.001 Golos is over $1 hahahah

(And Thank you to @elgeko for the new signature image )

Foo Foo

If you have questions about bitcoin steemit crypto or making money mining or marketing, feel free to email me zackza@gmail.com or text 619 500 3748 and....

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I want to simply help Russian Ukrainian Central Asian and Post Soviet Peoples make Money and have internet Freedom. Golos for the East, Steemit for the West

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